The Chicago Bears Star in "Dude, Where's My Defense?"

Eli FuchsContributor INovember 17, 2008

Has anyone seen the "vaunted" Bears D?  I saw them not able to close out games in weeks 2 and 3.  They actually stiffened up and ensured a victory against Indy and Philadelphia in weeks 1 and 4. 

My concern is that they have yet to arrive at any game since week 5 against the winless Lions.  Following that pick-me-up win against the Lions, The Bears defense began their subtle descent into hiding.

The Bears defense had about as much success finding Matt Ryan as the U.S. did finding Bin-Laden.  I would not nitpick the lack of pressure had they been successful in pass defense. 

But Ryan, who is a very promising rook, put up Pro-Bowl type numbers against a defense that is supposed to be the strength of this proud franchise.  Perhaps it was just a bad game?  Maybe it was because Nathan Vasher was injured? 

Since then, Gus Frerotte, Dan Orlovsky, Kerry Collins, and now Aaron Rodgers have shown just how bad the Bears secondary has been.  When I am at work, (being a beat writer is not my day job) I cannot have 5 consecutive poor weeks because I will be fired.

So why is there so much leniency for these atheletes who are payed handsomely?  Would Ty Law or DeAngelo Hall not have been an intelligent investment? 

And where exactly are the rest of the players?  Does David Blaine make all of our defenders disappear?  At least against the Titans we shut down a very good rush offense. 

Yesterday, The Green Bay Packers completely ran over every facet of the defense.  Only Mike Brown made an impact by delivering some punishing hits after missed tackles, usually by Nathan Vasher.

Regarding Vasher, what is wrong with him?  Did he just get married?  Vasher was a key cog in the Super Bowl run, and is a pro-bowler.  At this point Vasher couldn't cover Refrigerator Perry!    

The last 6 weeks allow the Bears to create their own destiny, and our early Christmas gift is the Rams (who got demolished by the 49ers last week).  I would go as far as to say that this is a guaranteed victory, but if you have a Rams wide receiver (Donnie Avery) look for a HUGE game out of him. 

I am a loyal fan, but can only be em-bear-assed so much.  A loss to the Rams makes it officially NBA and NHL season in Chicago.