The Deconstruction of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 31, 2011

The Deconstruction of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Byran is a great technical wrestler.

    Anyone who has seen any of his matches know how dynamic, fluid and intense he is. He is a star of the company, and he is one of the best they have. All of those adjectives are great things to be able to describe anyone let alone a wrestler. 

    There is one word, however, that no one ever wants to be associated with when it comes to competition: losing. 

    Daniel Byran since SummerSlam has not been able to win any of his matches, no matter how well he wrestles or pulls out all the stops, including on this past Super SmackDown. This list will be taking a look at all of his losses one by one.

    Speculating on why he is not able to win will be under discussion as well. With all of that said, it's time to start the show.

SummerSlam Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan

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    This match was to prove who was better, Wade Barrett or Daniel Bryan. Wade was stating all the way up to the PPV that he deserves the case and that he is the one who should be holding it not Daniel Bryan. He is better than him in every way and without him WWE would not know who he is.

    Wade has an argument and most of what he was saying was true. However, whether if he was better than Byran was something that had to be proven. Daniel Bryan was winning a lot and was rolling into Summerslam.

    It was a great match between the two and a match that almost stole the show with how well the two meshed in the ring. Both their styles clashed and went at it for a while.

    In the end Daniel Byran lost the match to Wade Barrett and showed that he was better than him. His argument for deserving the case was now valid and it appeared that he should be holding the case.

    It appeared this feud was going to continue after the PPV but it was never mentioned again. Wade went on to other things and Daniel continued to lose. 

WWE Smackdown 8/19/11: Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

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    This was another great match.

    These two went at it in a gem that started off this Smackdown on the right foot. These guys were the definition of technical wrestling in this match as it had multiple submissions hold, counters, and near falls.

    It was a great match that saw Alberto Del Rio, the WWE Champion, defeat Daniel Byran with his arm bar. Bryan did not look bad at all in this match and showed off everything he is about. He just could not pick up the victory,

    This would mark two big loses for Daniel Byran in a row and with him holding the MITB contract is not what he needs in order to be taken seriously.

    The next match up did not help him much either.

WWE Smackdown 8/26/11: Christian vs Daniel Bryan

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    Another great match, another losing effort.

    This match saw Daniel Byran take on the person who would meet Randy Orton in a steel cage for the WWE World Heavyweight championship; Christian.

    This was another match that would start Smackdown on the right foot. These two would go at it and it appeared that Christian has control of the match most of the time. Byran would be able to counter a lot and put on two great submission maneuvers that included his "Lebell Lock."

    His kicks proved to be a factor in the match but not enough. He made one wrong move by leaping and missing Christian into the corner. He promptly picked him up and delivered his finisher for the count.

    It was a great effort that saw him fall and it would only happen again.

WWE Super Smackdown 8/30/11 Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan

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    This past Super Smackdown saw Daniel Bryan go up against his friend Sin Cara.

    These two wrestled a good match that saw the two pull out and show off all their talents. It was a quick and fast pace match that either one could have won with a number of big moves.

    It went back and forth throughout the entire match and they displayed great talent and technique in their abilities.

    Just like the rest of the slides stated, Daniel Byran lost this match. However when Sin Cara shook the hand of his friend he also decided to kick him in the head as well. Speculation thus far as people thinking that WWE might have a heel turn in mind or something else. 

    That is a different topic for a different time. For now, his losing streak is at 4.

In Conclusion

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    Daniel Byran just cannot seem to be able to win against not only the top of the card but right now the middle of it as well. People have been saying that WWE is starting to drop the ball on him by having him lose all of these matches to the top instead of having him win some and show off how great he is.

    There was an article on here that stated that this is happening because WWE simply wants to build the top card up so they still have creditability and WWE has a great point in doing that. But having him win from time to time would help him as well.

    He is the MITB winner and right now, even though it is understandable, WWE should not have a man who has a future title shot lose so often.

    He needs to be given creditability as well and despite how great he looks in his matches as long as he is losing he will look like a man with great talent but just can't beat the best. If he cannot beat the best, than he has little shot in his title match whenever it is he decides to cash in. 

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