New York Giants Not the Patriots' Only Foe on Super Sunday

Aaron KeelSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 1, 2008

Three Super Bowl wins, four AFC Championship game appearances, the longest winning streak in history, and arguably the single greatest regular season in NFL history.

For the New England Patriots, the last six years have been impressive to say the least.

Yet for all their accomplishments, this Sunday’s game against the New York Giants may be the single most defining game of this team’s incredible run.

Win and the Pats can stake their claim as the best team ever, having completed the greatest season ever.

Lose and all those accomplishments mean absolutely nothing.

Those touchdown records Brady and Moss set?



Doesn’t matter.

The Pats lose and they’ll always be known as the biggest choke jobs in league history, if not sports history altogether.

That kind of pressure is enough to make any team crack, even one as mentally tough as the Belichick-led Patriots.

The G-Men?

Those guys have it easy.

They’ve already won just by making it to the Super Bowl.

Here’s what the Giants would say if you asked them about the pressure to win the Super Bowl.


“Let the Patriots worry about pressure, we’re here for the golf.”

I think you get my point, the Patriots will have more than just the Giants to contend with when the Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday.

As a matter of fact I think they should change the scoreboard from Patriots vs. Giants to something more accurate.

How about: Patriots vs. Weight of the World?