"The Wine and Gold Are On A Roll" The NBA's Hottest Team

Eric MoonContributor INovember 17, 2008

It’s just three weeks into the young season with the Cleveland Cavaliers sitting in first place at 8-2 in the Central Division. I know it’s early but the Eastern Conference better beware the Cavaliers not the Pistons are there.


Why all the fuss you may ask when they don’t have the best record in the conference? It’s the Celtics with the half game lead over them. Detroit and Orlando are only a game behind. Why all the hoopla?


The C’s are playing good ball with Paul Pierce making clutch baskets time after time. Pistons are still learning how to play with their newly acquired superstar guard Allen Iverson. Orlando has won three games in a row to take the division lead in the Southeast. What’s so special about the Cavs?


Well one reason is of course number 23, LeBron James. Playing phenomenal ball and really haven’t had to break a sweat, he still is averaging 29 points 8 rebounds 7 assist in 37 minutes a night. James has been quoted as saying he has more space on the floor to operate than at any time in his career with the cast he has around him now. No longer can teams double and triple team him on the King’s court. If they choose to he can pick and pop with Big Z for the open 18 footer. Swing the ball across court to find an open West in the corner.


The best part of it all he doesn’t have to dominate the ball any longer. With the addition of Mo Williams, the King has entrusted him to run the offense which allows James to play more off the ball which spells doom for the opposing team. “Pick your poison”, the King declares to his opponents. “Stop me, and all the King’s men will find away to get the job done like Mo, Boobie, and Anderson Varejao has done this season.


Leave me and I’ll destroy you with a drive or alley hoop in your face” LeBron says with a devilish smile. “Wham with the right hand” Joe Tait Cavs radio announcer proclaims to the listening audience.


Danny Ferry has made a drastic change to this team who was just two years removed from playing in the Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Only five guys remain on the roster from that year (not including Eric Snow who is injured and will retire after his injury settlement is resolved).


Ferry has rolled his sleeves up, transformed this team over by making the Cavs a more physical team with the addition of Ben Wallace. The Cavs are more athletic with the additions of Williams and West, more efficient shooting team with Wally Szczerbiak along with Gibson spreading the floor.


Coach Mike Brown has picked up the dice, shook them in his hands, “Yeeeeessss, seven” he says referring to the Cavs current win streak. Who would have believed it, the Cleveland Cavaliers actually has an offensive attack that doesn’t include James dribbling down the shot clock while his other four teammates are standing in awe as he takes on the opponents by himself.


Gone are the days of one on five plays on the court. “We are a diverse team now we can play half court, or run within our system” James says, “as long as we take care of our top priority which is defense first. This is by far the deepest team I’ve played with since coming to the league.”


Mike Brown has put together different rotations that have the wine and gold on a roll. The Cavs winners of seven games in a row and are the hottest team in the NBA, now are taking their act out on the road for the next two games against New Jersey and Detroit.  The NBA had better beware the Cleveland Cavaliers are here to stay.