New York Islanders: Brian Burke Is Announced As Next GM

Steve WelliverContributor INovember 17, 2008

It doesn't hurt to dream, does it? 


Memo to Charles Wang:  Take a serious look at this man for our general manager.  I am sure you are happy with the job that Mr. Snow has done with his time as GM, but talk about baptism by fire. 


Why not allow Garth to take a step back, learn at the hip of Mr. Burke, and see if Brian really can build an organization from the ground up?

That would be the task in taking on an Islander team whose attendance is among the league’s lowest, and whose talent on the ice is also among the league's lowest.  He would have the task of rebuilding the great Islander franchise to where it deserves to be: among the NHL elite. 


With Mr. Burke’s hard ass style, maybe he can also convince several area politicians of the fact the Islanders are a huge part of New York, and to lose them because they have no building to play in would be devastating to hockey fans in the area. It would also mark a huge disgrace to New York, losing one of the NHL’s proudest franchises to Las Vegas, Nevada, or Flin Flon, Manitoba!


Now, why won’t Brian Burke come to New York as an executive for the Islanders?  Well, they have Garth Snow, and want to stay committed to the plan he has in place.  That makes sense, except it is not everyday a Brian Burke becomes available. 


Also, the move would be a very positive sign for the fans that Mr. Wang is seriously committed to returning a winner to New York.  From the merry-go-round of the past few seasons, I just do not get that vibe yet.  From the General Manager carousel, to the coaching carousel, it seems like every step forward is met with two steps back.


Finally, is the Island too small for Brian Burke?  It is not the hockey capital of Toronto, nor is it MSG.  So, does that play into Mr. Burke’s decision at all? 


I am sure it does, as well as his statement with needing two hands on the steering wheel (both being his) would be a huge reason why he probably will not be the next general manager of the Islanders.  Mr. Wang has a history of going somewhat around the General Manager (see Alexei Yashin).


Will Brian Burke be announced as the next general manager of the New York Islanders?  I truly hope so! 


Do I honestly think it will happen?


Sadly, no.