WWE: Top 5 Reasons CM Punk Does Deserve to Be WWE Champion

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 30, 2011

WWE: Top 5 Reasons CM Punk Does Deserve to Be WWE Champion

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    C.M Punk not being the champion right now is a good thing for the WWE.

    The storyline with Nash and Triple H has taken another twist and turn for the better of the storyline. No one expected what the ending of RAW brought the fans and IWC this week adding to its unpredictability.

    So, why am I saying he deserves to be champion? Mostly because this is a response to another article out there and I feel that this article will bring some justice. This is also to just point out why he does deserve it as well. He deserves to be champion more than anyone in the WWE.

    This slide show will explain why.

    Let us begin.

He Has Proven Himself

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    C.M Punk is a set main eventer.

    He has won the World Heavyweight Title and the ECW titles. It goes to show that he can get it done when it means most.

    When he won the the WWE title, he beat John Cena in his home town of Chicago. The pressure was tremendous and CM Punk pulled it off. He defended it against Cena again at Summerslam before eventually losing the title to Alberto Del Rio.

    Punk has shown that not only can he main event but that he is the main event.

He Has Been Giving Everything He Has

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    It is obvious when he is wrestling that he has a genuine love and care for the business.

    He plays his part well, never fails, and he is the hottest selling thing in WWE right now.

    When he was being treated like nothing in the WWE, he was still showing how gifted and talented he was in the ring, on the microphone, and even in commentary.

It Is NOT Alberto Del Rio's Time

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    Alberto Del Rio is a boring WWE champ.

    He is crap in the ring and on the microphone and was completely unoriginal.

    Now,WWE is now having him sporting victories over top people in order to sell himself as champion.

    Why was WWE not doing this before he won the title?

    He lost his tag match the same night he cashed in on C.M Punk. He held a barely decent record for his time in the WWE and never wrestled at championship caliber. 

    WWE had to give him the belt in a cheap way in order to force them to sell to the fans and IWC a champion that they did not want or believe should still be in the WWE.

    The John Cena and C.M Punk feud was nothing but a diamond gem for the WWE and they decided to take a different direction.

    That was not a bad thing.

    What was a bad thing was ruining its momentum by having John Cena go after the title again.

    Nothing against Cena but the WWE should have stuck with C.M Punk for a title chase.

The Fans Know He Is Not Heel or Face

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    He is C.M Punk.

    He has never been anything but himself in the WWE.

    Back in his Indy days he was always edgy, a great wrestler, spoke the truth, and never let anyone stand in his path.

    Because of this fans know he is original and not something created by the WWE. What they see is real: he is authentic in every sense of the word. 

    This is exactly what the fans have been looking for from the WWE.  The fans can see themselves in him and cheer for him because they feel the connection. The fans love it when they see something out there that they can connect with.

    WWE has said that they like to give the fans what they want. The majority of the WWE Universe wants Punk to be WWE Champion again.

It Is Only a Matter of Time

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    When the storylines with Nash and Triple H are over, what will WWE do with C.M Punk?

    Throw him aside? No. He is too popular, hot, and he sells like crazy.

    They cannot have him face mid-carders all the time because they will feel the wrath of fans and the IWC rioting at his misuse.

    There is only one thing left to do: put him back in the title picture. It is only a matter of time, something most fans want and feel must be done.

    Chances are, no matter how much fans want it a match between CM Punk and Steve Austin at Wrestlemania will not happen. Having Punk enter as champion or the challenger will help sell Wrestlemania even more. 

    The John Cena/Rock match and Undertaker's final showdown are already scheduled. Adding this match will give Mania a three-headed blockbuster with more matches to be announced.

    Everyone knows that C.M Punk will again be champion. The storylines right now are entertaining and providing great television.

    But Punk needs a title chase.

    He's the best in the world and he deserves it.

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