The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at WrestleMania, Part 7

Ryan SzAnalyst IIAugust 30, 2011

The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at WrestleMania, Part 7

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    It's that time again as we continue down the list of every male wrestler who has wrestled at the "Grandest Stage of All," WrestleMania. As we move closer to the end you will notice that the points between wrestlers will begin to get more spaced out with each rank, unlike the first few editions where large groups of wrestlers are bunched together.

    There will also be some surprises on this list so be forewarned and please enjoy.

    Again for those who may have missed the previous editions here they are.

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The Point System

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    In order to get the rankings I created a point system that would give a clear description of why the wrestler is ranked the way that they are. Also note that I considered main event matches and title matches separately, but if a wrestler was in a main event that was also a title match, they got points for both, the only case where a wrestler gets points in two categories at once.

    Fight in WM = 2 pts, this is the participation award since it is difficult for a wrestler to make WrestleMania, so by having a regular non-title match, but not winning it, they get two points.

    Win in WM = five pts, this is simple enough, you win your non title match, you get five pts.

    Fight in MITB = Five pts, since there could be multiple wrestlers in the MITB match a wrestler gets five pts for participation.

    Win in MITB = 15 pts, with how difficult it is to win the MITB the wrestler who does win gets a nice bump in points by getting 15.

    Fight in European/tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 5 pts (title level 1)

    Win in tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 10 pts

    Fight in IC/US/ECW title match = 10 pts (title level 2)

    Win in IC/US/ECW title match = 15 pts

    Fight in world title match =15 pts

    Win in world title match = 20 pts

    Fight in main event = 20 pts, the biggest honor a wrestler can have bestowed upon them is being able to wrestle in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

    Win in main event = 25pts, the biggest accomplishment a wrestler can have at Wrestlemania, only to be topped if it's also a title match, or the wrestler somehow finds a way to break the Undertaker's streak.

    Fights ending in a no contest or draw are counted as a win for both competitors.

    Fights ending in double DQ or countout count as a loss for both competitors.


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    If more than one wrestler has the same amount of points, I have ranked them according to the following tie breakers.

    1. Win/Loss record

    2. If that is the same then the wrestler with more high profile matches (title or main events) gets the bump up in ranking.

    3. If the wrestlers are still tied up to this point then they are just going to be ranked alphabetically.

No. 58 MVP

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    Record: 0-4

    Points: 25

    WrestleManias in: XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI

    Grade: C

    MVP starts off this edition with four straight WrestleMania. Even though he doesn't have a win at WrestleMania, he has faced some very stiff competition in those losses. His first WrestleMania was for the US title, where he would end up losing to defending champion Chris Benoit. His next three performances would be in the annual Money in the Bank match where he would face such competition as Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy and Kane.

No. 57 Billy Gunn

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    Record: 1-3

    Points: 25

    WrestleManias in: XI, XIV, XV, VIII

    Grade: C+

    Mr. Ass is next with four separate WrestleMania Matches. His first match was a tag title match as the Smoking Gunns lost to the odd pairing of Owen Hart and Yokozuna. He would return three years later in the New Age Outlaws but lose to Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie in another tag title match.

    Billy would then have his only non-tag match at WrestleMania where he would be in a triple threat match for the Hardcore title against Hardcore Holly and Al Snow, with Holly coming out victorious. His final match would be a four corners elimination tag title match as part of Billy and Chuck against the APA, the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz, where he would end up victorious.

No. 56 Carlito

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    Record: 2-2

    Points: 25

    WrestleManias in: 22, 23, XXIV, XXV

    Grade: C-

    At No. 56 is Carlito with 25 points. His first appearance at WrestleMania was a match for the tag titles as Carlito and Chris Masters would lose to defending champs Kane and the Big Show. The following year he would team with Ric Flair against Greg Helms and Chavo Guerrero in a tag team lumberjack match for the dark match of the evening.

    He would be in the following year's Money in the Bank match that would eventually be won by CM Punk. His final WrestleMania match would be another dark match where he teamed with Primo and beat John Morrison and the Miz to unify the tag titles.

No. 55 Lex Luger

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    Record: 2-1

    Points: 25

    WrestleManias in: IX, X XI

    Grade: C+

    Lex Luger is next up on the list with a 2-1 record at WrestleMania. His first match was against rival Mr. Perfect who he would end up defeating. Perfect would get his revenge the following year as he cost Luger his world title match against Yokozuna by disqualifying Luger when he was the guest referee. Luger's last match was as a team with the British Bulldog where they would beat the Blu Brothers.

No. 54 Rick Rude

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    Record: 3-0

    Points: 25

    WrestleManias in: IV, V, VI

    Grade: B

    The Ravishing One is next as he has three straight WrestleMania performances. His first match was a time-limit draw against Jake "the Snake" Roberts in the first round of the world title tournament at WrestleMania IV. His next fight would be against the Ultimate Warrior where Rude would successfully defend his Intercontinental title. His final match the following year would be against Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and once again Rude would be victorious.

No. 53 Earthquake

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    Record: 4-0

    Points: 25

    WrestleManias in: VI, VII, VIII, X

    Grade: C

    Earthquake is next with and undefeated record at WrestleMania. His first match would be a win over Hercules at WrestleMania VI. This would be followed up with a victory against Greg Valentine and then a tag team win as his team the Natural Disasters would beat tag champs Money Inc. by countout in a title match. His final WrestleMania would be at WrestleMania X where he would beat WWF dud Adam Bomb in a squash match.

No. 52 Goldust

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    Record: 1-4

    Points: 26

    WrestleManias in: XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVIII,

    Grade: D-

    The Bizarre One is 52nd on this list. With five appearances, Goldust doesn't have the best of luck at WrestleMania.

    In his debut at WrestleMania XXII he lost a Hollywood Backlot Brawl to Roddy Piper.

    He would lose the next year to Triple H in a singles match

    At WrestleMania XIV, Goldust and Luna Vachon would lose to Marc Mero and Sable in a mixed tag match.

    He would lose a fatal four way match for the Intercontinental title with Ken Shamrock, Val Venis, and Road Dogg Jesse James.

    Goldust would have his final WrestleMania match for the Hardcore title against Maven, where the fight would go to a no contest.

No. 51 Chavo Guerrero

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    Record: 1-3

    Points: 27

    WrestleManias in: XIX, XX, XXIII, XXIV

    Grade: D+

    Chavo is next with 27 points from four matches at WrestleMania, just outside the Top 50.

    His first match was as part of Los Guerreros in a losing effort to win the tag titles as Team Angle beat them as well as the team of Chris Benoit and Rhyno.

    Chavo would then successfully defend the Cruiserweight title in an invitational match against 10 other cruiserweights.

    His final WrestleMania would be his most embarrassing as he would be squashed by Kane in what is the shortest title match and match in general at WrestleMania in eight seconds, costing Chavo the ECW championship.

No. 51 Bam Bam Bigelow

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    Record: 1-2

    Points: 27

    WrestleManias in: IV, X, XI

    Grade: D

    The Beast from Asbury Park is next with three WrestleManias.

    His first was against One Man Gang in the world title tournament where he would lose by countout.

    He would then team with Luna Vachon and beat the team of Doink and Dink the clowns.

    His final WrestleMania would be in the main event where he would lose to NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor.

No. 50 Tito Santana

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    Record: 2-7

    Points: 27

    WrestleManias in: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX

    Grade: D

    Tito Santana is next on the list with eight matches at WrestleMania. He was the winner of the very first Wrestlemania match when he defeated the Executioner. At Wrestlemania II, Tito would team with the Junkyard Dog in a losing effort, against Terry and Dory Funk.

    At WrestleMania III, Tito would team with the British Bulldogs and lose to the Hart Foundation. In his next performance Tito would have his only title match at WrestleMania. Tito and Rick Martel  faced off against Demolition for the tag titles, but end up losing against the powerful team.

    Tito and Rick would team again the next year in a loss against the Brainbusters and Tito would continue to lose the next year as he would lose to the Barbarian. The losing streak would continue as Tito would lose to the Mountie at WrestleMania VII. This would then lead to him losing to HBK the next year. Tito's last WrestleMania appearance would end up being a dark match against Papa Shango where Tito would end up winning.

No. 49 Rikishi

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    Record: 2-2

    Points: 27

    WrestleManias in: IX, XIII, 2000, XX

    Grade: C+

    Rikishi is 49th on the list with three WrestleManias. His first was as part of the Headshrinkers in their loss to the Steiner Brothers. He would then lose to the Rock as the Sultan in an Intercontinental title match. He would then team with Kane as they defeated X-Pac and Road Dogg Jesse James in a tag match.

    His final appearance would be as defending tag champ with Scotty 2 Hotty as they would defeat the APA, Basham Brothers and the World's Greatest Tag Team in a four way match.

No. 48 Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

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    Record: 3-2

    Points: 29

    WrestleManias in: I, 2, III, IV, XXV

    Grade: B

    Next is Ricky Steamboat with five WrestleManias.

    At the first WrestleMania, Ricky would defeat Matt Borne, he would then beat Hercules at WrestleManias 2.

    At WrestleMania III, Ricky would defeat the Macho Man Randy Savage for the Intercontinental title.

    The next year Ricky would lose to Greg Valentine in the first round of the world title tournament.

    Ricky's next appearance would be just over twenty years later as he would team up with Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper in a losing effort against Chris Jericho.

No. 47 Ax

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    Record: 3-0

    Points: 30

    WrestleManias in: IV, V, VI

    Grade: B

    Ax of Demolition is next with three straight WrestleManias, all of them tag title defenses.

    At WrestleMania IV, Demolition would defeat Rick Martel and Tito Santana.

    The following year they would defeat the Warlord, Barbarian and Mr. Fuji in a handicap match with the title on the line.

    Ax's last appearance would be when Demolition would defeat Andre the Giant and Haku in a tag title match.

No. 46 Greg Valentine

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    Record: 2-5

    Points: 31

    WrestleManias in: I, 2, III, IV, V, VII

    Grade: C

    Greg Valentine is 46th on the list with a 2-5 record at WrestleMania.

    At WrestleMania I he would lose to the Junkyard Dog in a Intercontinental title match by countout.

    Then at WrestleMania 2 Valentine and Brutus Beefcake would lose against the British Bulldogs in a tag title match.

    At WrestleMania III, Greg and Brutus would defeat the Rougeau Brothers.

    At WrestleMania IV he would defeat Ricky Steamboat in the first round of the world title tournament but lose in the next round to Randy Savage.

    Then at WrestleMania V the Honky Tonk Man and he would lose to the Hart Foundation.

    His last WrestleMania appearance would be a loss to Earthquake.

No. 45 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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    Record: 4-4

    Points: 31

    WrestleManias in: 2, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, XII

    Grade: C

    Up next is the creator of the DDT, Jake "The Snake" Roberts with eight WrestleManias.

    His first match was a win over George Wells at WrestleMania 2.

    He would then be defeated by the Honky Tonk Man at the following WrestleMania.

    In the first round of the world title tournament at WrestleMania IV, Roberts would fight Rick Rude to a time-limit draw.

    At WrestleMania V, Roberts would get maybe the biggest win of his career by beating Andre the Giant by DQ.

    Roberts would then lose in a match for the Million Dollar Belt by countout when he took on Ted Dibiase.

    The Snake would then beat Rick Martel in a blindfold match at WrestleMania VII.

    He would then become another victim of the Streak of the Undertaker at WrestleMania VIII.

    His final appearance would be part of a six-man tag with Ahmed Johnson and Yokozuna as they lost to Owen Hart, Vader and the British Bulldog.

No. 44 Booker T

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    Record: 1-4

    Points: 34

    WrestleManias in: X8, XIX, XX, 22, 23

    Grade: C-

    Former World Heavyweight Champion Booker T is next up at 44.

    His first WrestleMania match was a loss to Edge at Wrestlemania X8.

    He would then lose to Triple H in a Heavyweight title match.

    At WrestleMania XX Rob Van Dam and Booker would defend their tag titles against the Dudley Boyz, La Resistance and Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak.

    Booker would team with his wife Sharmell and lose against the Boogeyman in a handicap match.

    Booker T's last WrestleMania appearance was as part of the Money in the Bank match which would be won by Mr. Kennedy.

No. 43 Smash/Repo Man

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    Record: 3-2

    Points: 34

    WrestleManias in: IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

    Grade: B-

    The other original member of Demolition is next with four straight WrestleManias under his belt.

    The first three were tag title matches where Demolition would beat Strike Force, the Powers of Pain and the Colossal Connection.

    Then while teaming with Crush, Demolition would lose to the team of Tenryu and Kitao at WrestleMania VII.

    Then as Repo Man he would lose an eight-man tag match against the Big Boss Man, Virgil, Sgt. Slaughter and Jim Duggan.

No. 42 Ric Flair

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    Record: 2-4

    Points: 34

    WrestleManias in: VIII, X8, XX, 22, 23, XXIV

    Grade: C+

    WOOOOOOOOOOO! The Nature Boy Ric Flair is next in the rankings, coming in at 42nd.

    His first WrestleMania was a World title match at WrestleMania VII where he would lose against Randy Savage.

    He would return a decade later and be defeated by the Undertaker in a no DQ match.

    Then as part of Evolution he would defeat the Rock N' Sock Connection.

    Two years later he would be part of the Money in the Bank match that would be won by Rob Van Dam.

    He would wrestle in the dark match for WrestleMania 23, teamed up with Carlito to defeat Greg Helms and Chavo Guerrero.

    His final match at WrestleMania and in the WWE would be against Shawn Michaels in which he would lose and temporarily retire.

No. 41 Shelton Benjamin

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    Record: 1-5

    Points: 35

    WrestleManias in: XIX, XX, 21, 22, XXIV, XXV

    Grade: C

    The unofficial "Mr. Money in the Bank" Shelton Benjamin will finish off this edition with six appearances at WrestleMania.

    As part of Team Angle/World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton would go 1-1 in tag title matches at WrestleMania.

    He would then be part of four, yes four, Money in the Bank matches, giving fans some exciting spots that will be remembered for a long time, some so popular that they were integrated in later versions of THQ's SmackDown vs. Raw video game series.


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    So here is the overall list with the corrections to numbers and placement made leading into the next edition.

    138. Bad News Brown

    137. Bob Backlund

    136. Brooklyn Brawler

    135.Raymond Rougeau

    134. Savio Vega

    133. Umaga

    132. Papa Shango/Godfather/Goodfather

    131. Jimmy Snuka

    130. Al Snow

    129. Barry Windham

    128. D'Lo Brown

    127. Adrian Adonis

    126. Ahmed Johnson

    125. Akeem

    124. Albert/A-Train

    123. Bull Buchanan

    122. Butch Reed

    121. Cody Rhodes

    120. Dolph Ziggler

    119. Mark Henry

    118/117. the Godwins

    116. Bart Gunn

    115. The Warlord

    114. X-Pac

    113. Paul Roma

    112. One Man Gang

    111. Doink the Clown

    110. Crush

    109. Vince McMahon

    108. Marty Jannetty

    107. Bobby Lashley

    106. Vader

    105. Virgil

    104/103. Legion of Doom

    102. Dino Bravo

    101. Don Muraco

    100. Koko B. Ware

    99. Val Venis

    98.The Barbarian

    97/96. The Nasty Boys

    95. Sheamus

    94/93. The Bushwackers

    92. Dynamite Kid

    91. Haku

    90. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    89. Hercules

    88. Kofi Kingston

    87. Test

    86. Charlie Haas

    85. The Iron Sheik

    84. Scotty 2 Hotty

    83. Shane McMahon

    82. Terry Funk

    81. The Mountie

    80. Finlay

    79. Faarooq

    78. Honky Tonk Man

    77. Junkyard Dog

    76. Rikishi

    75. Mr. Perfect

    74. Nikolai Volkoff

    73/72. Dudley Boyz

    71. Ken Shamrock

    70. William Regal

    69. Jim Neidhart

    68. John Morrison

    67. I.R.S./Mike Rotundo

    66. Mr. Kennedy

    65. Jeff Jarrett

    64. Tatanka

    63. Rick Martel

    62. Jeff Hardy

    61. Road Dogg Jesse James

    60. Paul Orndorff

    59. Kevin Nash


    57. Billy Gunn

    56. Tito Santana

    55. Carlito

    54. Lex Luger

    53. Rick Rude

    52. Earthquake

    51. Goldust

    50. Chavo Guerrero

    49. Bam Bam Bigelow

    48. Ricky Steamboat

    47. Ax

    46. Greg Valentine

    45. Jake Roberts

    44. Booker T

    43. Smash/Repo Man

    42. Ric Flair

    41. Shelton Benjamin