Was UFC's 91 Main Event Predetermined?

Ronnie BryceCorrespondent INovember 16, 2008

Mark my words, it make take years to come out, but UFC is predeterimed just like WWE.
Wrestling used to try and fool everyone years ago too in its infancy. Then when Vince took control he decided to come clean and admit matches are predeterimed and changed it to sports entertainment and now just "entertainment."

UFC is the new "sports entertainment" even if they dont care to admit it yet. How ironic it's home is Las Vegas. The city of UFC fans like Criss Angel and other illusionist.

Brock Lesnar winning will be a huge boast to a quickly growing UFC. It gives them a better chance then any other star other then Chuck Lidell of having a household name to build around. Not to mention having Lesnar as champion will bring over wrestling fans. Lesnar is young and has already been exposed to millions of people before UFC as a WWE star.

Believe it, this was all predetermined. Lesnar couldnt outwrestle a paperbag, couldnt make a NFL practice squad. Every professional sport he tried he failed. But pro wrestling and now UFC.

Hmm he became champion in an organization that is predermined in WWE and now the only second thing he succeded in is UFC.  You gotta see the big picture to see Lesnar winning the title is no coincidence. UFC in the next year will be using alot of former WWE contracts to become even bigger. Is it little surprise then they are using one of WWE former stars as their marquee star?

It's that enough even Dave Meltzer has migrated into the field of covering UFC. Meltzer has been known in wrestling circles from anywhere from the Tom Brokaw of wrestling journalist to the Geraldo Rivera of wrestling journalist. And even Meltzer has jumped on the UFC bandwagon.

Next year THQ will produce Raw vs. Smackdown 2009 one last time. in 2010 THQ will make an offical UFC video game and will become their offical videogame maker. Dana White went as far as knocking WWE at a board meeting to THQ on how he knows UFC will be a bigger seller as a videogame franchise. 

To top that off, next christmas at this time you will be seeing the last of WWE wrestling figures by Jakks toys, because as of Jan 2010 Jakks wll be the official lisenced company to produce TNA wrestling figures. But that's not all, did anyone know Jakks has also signed up American Gladiators and UFC to produce action figures of their talent/characters. Look for Jakks produced American Gladiator's figures sometime in 2009 and UFC figures in late 2009 early 2010. 

Dana White is no dummy. He made two deals with soon to be former licensee's of WWE. Why then would it surprise anyone then that as a precursor Brock Lesnar has been crowned champ.
If I and my theory is correct, then look for Lesnar to either retain the title for the next year at least, or he may loose it but regain it several times and become a multiple time champion in the process, making him a respected champion either way. UFC and White will use Lesnar's name and star power to push themselves unto a whole other level by 2010.
If you add all this up, it makes perfect sense Lesnar became champion and in my opinion it points to the scenerio that UFC predertermined the outcome of the main event at UFC 91, so Lesnar could be the new posterboy for UFC's marketing campaign and revenue ties.
Sure alot of you will hate me for saying this, and I'll get alot of negative feedback, but you know what someone had to do it. I'm sure the person who wrote how wrestling is predetermined back in the 1950's was hated and ridiculed but whoever he was he was vindicated the faithful day Vincent K McMahon revealed wrestling to be predetermined and as sport entertainment.

And if this is unfathomable to you, then consider the fact that professional boxing has been given an ugly eye with the likes of Don King and accusations that they too have had predetermined high profile title matches.