The NFL Will Do Anything for History...Going Down a Slippery Slope

Taylor O'BrochtaContributor INovember 16, 2008

The NFL had its first ever 11-10 win in the leagues history this weekend. For the first time ever in the NFL's history, a game ended in an 11-10 score. But that seemed to be ruined by a play made by Troy Polamalu, when he tipped a lateral and picked up the "fumble" and took it in for a defensive touchdown to end the game, but wait...

With players walking onto the field to shake hands thinking its over all the sudden there was an announcement, "The play is under review!" Everyone thought this was just the NFL making sure that it didn't mess up a call again or just to make sure that this game didn't end on something unfair since it was a tough game and hard fought.

Then the ref came out and said some line about it being an illegal forward pass and that the penalty was declined and the game was over.

In this mix of celebrating the Steelers win, not many people were thinking about this description or what was going on. Then I watched the replay over and over again and wondered how there was an illegal forward pass. The NFL had realized that there was a chance to get history and they found a way to get it.

Now, if you don't believe me go watch the play for yourself there are highlights on This is a minor thing the Steelers still won and it didn't change anything about the game. But the NFL got what they wanted, history. Even as weird as it was they got the first ever 11-10 score.

It's a minor thing, but this is just a little sign for what slippery road the NFL is going down. In a league where its apparently illegal to hit a quarterback and not only that they fine you, it's illegal to celebrate a touchdown in certain ways, it's illegal to openly disagree with refs and with all that they fine you chunks of cash if you do it.

But if you are caught cheating we will give you a slap on the wrist.

I understand that the NFL is a business and they needed to make from it, but this "business" has been run rather well for years and somehow with players allowed to not only hit the quarterback they could horse collar, slam their forearm into a helmet, grab a face mask and even level players on the sideline, this sport became the most profitable and loved sport in America.

The NFL needs to watch it they are starting to go towards the same thing that the MLB went through and the NBA is going through right now.

The MLB helped to make these players produce in home runs. Because everyone loves to see a ball smacked out of the park I know I do, so this is what they gave the people. Turned a blind eye to the steroids brought in smalled stadiums that a supposed small ball player could knock 20 HRs out a year.

The NBA just got caught with a ref that was betting and deciding the outcomes of games and now its starting to be questioned were these games pushed towards a certain outcome...but those are other articles.

The NFL is now protecting their money players WRs, RB, and especially QBs. They fine the players that hit too hard (See the Tuck hit on Brooks Bollinger) and make sure that their apparent golden boys are not harmed. This was just another example of what is going on in the NFL.

The NFL saw a feel good story and history to be made so they pulled some strings and took a touchdown away. You might disagree with me on all these stuff, but please go watch that play and tell me how that is called back and turned over to not give Troy Polamalu a touchdown.

When money is so much of a concern for a league it becomes a problem. League executives don't realize that NFL fans are educated in football, more so then ever before. With SportsCenter, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and even Bleacher Report, we know more than any generation of NFL fan.

But not only that we have opinions and when we see that players are being fined for stupid things we get angry and don't like when people change the sport we love.

My point of this article is thus: Please, NFL, watch yourself and look into what happened to MLB and NBA and don't let it happen to you. This is a slippery slope that you are going down, and you are sprinting straight towards it and we as the fans see this and know what is going on.