Top Five Super Bowl XLIII Matchups with Six Games Left

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IINovember 16, 2008

Now that teams have just six games left, and the playoff picture is slowly but surely taking shape, let us discuss the best Super Bowl matchups we could look forward to.

To start off, I made my choices based on storylines and the probability of it happening.

Now to have a little review on the standings right now:

Titans and Cards have effectively won their divisions, and the Giants are in control of theirs too.

The Jets have a good lead in the AFC East (when considering possible tiebreaks), while the NFC North and South are up for grabs. Four teams in the NFC are dead, six in the AFC.

So now let's get to the countdown:


5. Ravens vs. Panthers

Now sure, at first glance it might seem like one of the most boring matchups in Super Bowl history since Seahawks vs. Steelers. (Man, that one sucked.) However, there are things to consider.

This would be the second trip to the big game for each team, and also the second time for Steve Smith and Jake Delhomme. The matchup could actually produce a very riveting contest, not to mention it would just be a hell of a kick to the teeth to all the sports analysts who were nowhere near calling this matchup.


4. Dolphins vs. Bears

Both teams making it would be a surprise, but it is certainly possible. The Bears remind me of last year's Giants, and the Dolphins could pull a Tampa (MLB) which would create so many subplots.


3. Patriots vs. Giants

Yeah, who wouldn't want to see a rematch of this? Only once in Super Bowl history has there been a Super Bowl rematch in back-to-back seasons: '93 with Bills vs. Boys. Surely Matt Cassel isn't a Super Bowl QB, but neither were Dilfer or Hostetler—whoops.


2. Titans vs. Cards

Remember Super Bowl XXXIV? Arguably the greatest Super Bowl ever? Yeah, it was amazing. I remember it well.

Remember the teams? Titans vs. The Greatest Show on Turf? Well, how about Titans vs. The Greatest Show II? Wouldn't it be awesome to have Warner taking another sorry franchise to the Super Bowl? Maybe after winning the league MVP? Maybe another Super Bowl MVP?

Wow, I believe what Warner would accomplish is the vaunted Elway Finish, no? Or yeah, you could have Kerry Collins raising the Lombardhi Trophy, maybe on the 19-0 Titans finally shutting up Mercury Morris. It's all good.


1. Jets vs. Giants

So who remembers the Mets vs. Yanks World Series? Anyone? Anyone at all? Okay, so I don't like New York either. It's a dirty city, but let's be honest about this matchup.

Nobody picked the G-Men to make it back, and I personally hate the team since their unjust shafting of Warner in '04. However, the Favre saga, coupled with New York vs. New York, would just get so much hype you wouldn't believe.

It also seems that whoever was to win this matchup (hopefully Favre) it would be taken in good taste. Imagine Eli, a five-year QB without a single Pro Bowl season winning back to back Super Bowls. I think it would be a riot, especially with Peyton left with just one.

Favre winning it would be I believe the single biggest show-up of a star player to badger his old team that traded/released him. Imagine Montana winning in '93? Or how about Bledsoe winning with Buffalo, etc.?