Will Miami and NCAA Allow Jacory Harris to Play at Maryland?

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

Remember when Jacory Harris was considered a Heisman contender back in 2009?

My, my how times have changed.

Today, all of the talk has been Harris telling ESPN that he’ll be playing against Maryland on Labor Day. How he can make that assumption is anyone’s guess, but if head coach Al Golden decides to play him, he’d be making a huge mistake.

Not only would he be risking vacating the game on a mediocre player but he’d also be keeping the team from moving forward.

Golden was supposed to be a fresh start to the program and if he really wants to make a statement, just withhold all of the players until a full investigation has taken place, not a rushed clearance as is currently being done here.

If for nothing else, hold back Harris for his play on the field. Harris and interceptions have become synonymous and he’s yet to improve on that in two years as a starter. 

Harris’ backup Stephen Morris saw quite a bit of action last season after Harris went down after a brutal sack during their game against Virginia.

He steadily improved throughout the season whereas Harris threw three interceptions in seven passes when he played against Notre Dame.

Morris did also throw his fair share of interceptions, but they came against some of the best pass defenses in the country including Maryland and Virginia Tech who both ranked in the top 15 in pass-efficiency defense.

Both quarterbacks have been playing with the first-team offense this summer and it makes no sense to keep both quarterbacks who are similar in style on the field.

Harris seemed to be a great signal last season while he was on the sidelines.

Every offense needs a leader and the quarterback is almost that guy. Not having a consistent leader who is on the field every play has hurt a lot more teams than it’s helped.

Also, the NCAA is just begging for another Terrelle Pryor-esque situation if they choose to reinstate him. After looking like the most hypocritical group ever assembled with Paul Dee’s handling of the Reggie Bush scandal, the NCAA could use a dose of toughness and integrity in order to look like they’re anything more intimidating than a rent-a-cop.

Jacory Harris had his time to shine and he’s yet to improve. Morris is the younger guy with arguably better statistics and isn’t currently being investigated by the NCAA.

The no-brainer decision is to play Stephen Morris, even if Jacory Harris gets cleared by the NCAA.