WWE: Top 5 Reasons CM Punk Does Not Deserve to Be WWE Champion

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterAugust 29, 2011

WWE: Top 5 Reasons CM Punk Does Not Deserve to Be WWE Champion

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    CM Punk not being WWE champion right now is what we are going to discuss today. This is only going to focus on the current landscape of the business.

    Not in a few months. Not next year. Right now, Punk not being WWE Champion is what is best for everyone involved.

    With that being said, let's get into the top five reasons why I feel this way.

5. Ask Christian About It.

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    Christian is in a very similar spot right now. The audience just does not buy him as a main fixture in the main event scene. Winning the World title and/or WWE title once or twice a year in different from being a main eventer.

    As the video shows above, Punk has been World champion before. He also had some main events in 2009. That does not make him a set main eventer.

4. Give and Take

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    Punk is staying with WWE, and for the most part - he is doing it under his terms.

    However, make no mistake about it - Vince McMahon is still running the show. Punk may want more money, friends hired, his girlfriend getting a push and many more demands.

    Sadly, he is not in charge. He gets what he wants and WWE gets what they want - him no longer WWE champion. Both sides win right now.

3. It Is Del Rio's Time

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    It has been just over a year since his debut. I know it sounds rushed and completely crazy, but he needed to win that WWE/World title soon. If WWE waited another month or two to "pull the trigger," time may have past Del Rio by.

    Del Rio needed to win, either at Summerslam or a little after the PPV. Sometimes, it is best for all involved to go for it on a new push - Alberto is that man. Punk being involved helps nobody.

2. Let the Fans Buy into His Face Turn

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    Punk was such a great heel. Punk turning face (slowly) will take awhile for fans to grasp. Being in the same breath as Cena (and/or Triple H) will make him look inferior.

    Cena needs to rally the fans to go against a common enemy - Nash and the corporate stooges of WWE. That is something everyone can get behind Punk for.

    Keep him away from the WWE title for a while - let him battle the forces from within. The fans will come around and learn to accept him as a "good guy".

    No need for the WWE title.

1. Storylines

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    Back in July, CM Punk needed the WWE Championship. That was the whole point of Money in the Bank. If Punk won, he left the company with the gold.

    Punk had to win there. If not, this whole thing was dead on arrival. Punk won. The company was shaken up, and now we have 50 different stories branched out. Great booking.

    By the time Summerslam came around, Punk was already re-signed with WWE and back in the thick of things. There was no reason for him to be WWE champion anymore, thus he isn't.

    No logical reason. Del Rio is champion. Cena is chasing him.

    Punk is fighting with WWE brass, as the fans begin to like him more and more with each passing week.