Julio Lugo To Detroit? Say It Ain't So...

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst INovember 16, 2008

Over the past few months rumors have said that the Detroit Tigers are interested in acquiring Julio Lugo from the Boston Red Sox. Detroit would give up either Dontrelle Willis or Nate Robertson to get Lugo.

Maybe it's just my view on Lugo, but personally, I don't think he is worth giving up D-Train for. If Detroit plans on giving up Robertson, go ahead, because I think that Nate is the odd man out for next season's rotation.

Lugo is being shopped around by the BoSox because of young Jed Lowrie's fantastic play at shortstop. Lowrie has impressed Theo Epstein and Terry Francona so much that it has left former starter, Julio Lugo, out in the cold.

From the standpoint of money, the three player's contracts match up very well. All three players have two more years on their contracts: Willis has $22 million coming, Robertson has $17 million and Lugo has $18 million left and a $9 million option for 2011.

Detroit is looking to fill in the shortstop position for the next two seasons, as they are preparing both Cale Iorg and Danny Worth to battle for the spot in 2010.

Lugo's defense has declined over the past few seasons and his range factor last season was lower than Edgar Renteria's. Fans were asking for Renteria's head with his lack of range and now the answer is to get a player with less range and hitting ability? I think not.

It has been noted that Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski has been looking at Khalil Greene from the San Diego Padres to fill in at shortstop. Other options in free agency could be Rafael Furcal, which is doubtful, as well as Orlando Cabrera and Christian Guzman.

We'll have to see how everything pans out for Detroit this offseason, but all I ask is to not trade Willis for a shortstop past his prime. Willis has too much potential, but on the other hand Robertson is out of a job next season, so if you're going to deal, deal Nate.

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