WWE: John Morrison, Gail Kim and the 10 Most Misused WWE Superstars/Divas

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 29, 2011

WWE: John Morrison, Gail Kim and the 10 Most Misused WWE Superstars/Divas

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    Misused can be taken several ways.

    Some would say they are being misused in that they are put in a position they don't deserve or are ready for. Or, they are not given the right push to where they should be.

    No matter which you take it, this list will cater to both.

    So, while this list may have people who are doing well, the word "misused" is key, and here are the 10 most misused WWE Superstars/Divas.

10: Curt Hawkins

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    So, does anyone remember the last time Curt Hawkins was on TV? Anybody?

    Oh yeah, that could be because he hasn't been in almost a year, match-wise. We may see him in a backstage segment where he backgrounds, but I compare this to being on stage during Saturday Night Live as a cast member.

    (You know how on the show they have that one guy or girl who is not in any segment, but still claps and waves goodbye to everyone on the stage at the end of the show?)

    That's Curt Hawkins!

    At one point, this guy looked to be getting a legit tag team push with Vance Archer. People were loving those two. Then, for some reason, they are gone from TV and Archer gets released. After that, Hawkins moves roster to roster yet never sees RAW TV show time.

    If there is anyone who should cry misused, it's Hawkins.

    Why not pair him up with long-time friend and tag partner Zack Ryder? He seems to be doing pretty well for himself lately. Or heck, pair him up with a faction of sorts.

    Some believe his attitude is what holds him back, but as a heel with a cocky persona, it's tough to tell if it's all an act or just how he really is.

    For a guy who is so misused, it's a surprise that he is still employed by WWE.

    Either release him or put him on RAW a little. I think Hawkins would appreciate that.

    Hawkins has now claimed he will not shave his beard until he gets on RAW for a match. Well, someone won't be buying razors and shaving cream for a while.

9: Tyler Reks

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    Tyler Reks is a great overall talent—he is intensely personified. When he first made his way to our homes, he was on ECW as a clean-cut surfer dude who was simply there to have fun and entertain. He really needed more training and WWE could see it.

    He has all the talent in the world, and WWE wanted to be sure they could use a guy like this correctly. He was then repackaged and sent to SmackDown during a Bragging Rights push. He took Kaval's spot from him and was eventually on the SmackDown team.

    He stayed on for a while longer and then suddenly was never heard from again. Reks really has a good look and one WWE could do a ton with. He's very strong and has a certain kind of gimmick that could get him over real well.

    To me, I think it would be best if he got on SmackDown and worked in some small matches off and onat least once or twice a month until WWE knows what to do with him on the regular. He does lack some mic skills, but hey, there is a way to fix this. We used to call them managers!

8: Johnny Curtis

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    Johnny Curtis has a lot of talent, and WWE is even poking fun at themselves for using him in such a dumb way and forgetting about him altogether at one point.

    He STILL hasn't gotten his promised tag team title match with Truth.

    I find that a little stupid—rather, A LOT stupid—especially when the world knows he was promised such a thing.

    He was finally allowed to come on TV and wrestle, but it was in a squash match with Henry. Since then, Curtis really has done nothing on SmackDown worth noticing. And this is all very weird as he has a great look and great overall skill that WWE could use both in the ring and on the mic.

    It's a shame that they push certain people to the moon, yet won't use a young talent in Curtis hardly at all.

7: Jinder Mahal

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    Here comes the part of "misused" where it reaches the other sense of the word.

    Until now, the Indian sensation has always been The Great Khali, not because of his fabulous wrestling ability, but simply because he lacks every fundamental a wrestler needs. Even so, he is loved by many, especially his countryman in India. India is a major audience WWE wants to keep happy, which is why they keep the over seven-foot tall giant.

    But the new Indian in town is Jinder Mahal, and he wants to be noticed. When he first arrived, I thought, "Great, we need another guy from India to push out because Khali won't be around much longer." However, Mahal has disappointed.

    At first, he had a pretty good story going with Khali, but the issue is that the storyline never works out in the end because it doesn't make sense. I get cultural aspects of things—but who is going to believe a rich man like Mahal is wrestling in WWE and will suddenly divorce Khali's sister, bringing shame upon his entire family?

    I mean, the story gets more and more twisted as time goes on and because Khali has no mic skills whatsoever, you just can't make a story work. WWE is too chicken to go for controversial stories with Mahal, and this is especially true after the Hassan incident.

    After this, he is nothing.

    Not to mention that even though he can talk and has a nice look—he can't wrestle. His finisher is not even a finisher at all, but a set up move. Seriously Mahal, a full nelson? Really?

    This guy needs more development and WWE needs to know how they are going to properly use him before wasting our time watching his god-awful performances

6: Yoshi Tatsu

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    Some thought that on ECW, no new WWE Superstar was better than Yoshi Tatsu. Add the fact that he was bringing in a major wrestling market in Japan—as he was a big star there before the WWE jump—and you have a packaged Superstar that you could do a ton with.

    I remember when WWE had Tajari. They used the crap out of this guy every week in some way. They always found a way to use him no matter how stupid or senseless it was. And this was when WWE only had two shows!

    Tatsu is a WWE Superstars regular, but only makes RAW and SmackDown appearances when it comes to a battle royal or something involving a lot of guys from the locker room. It's a shame that he is being used so stupidly when he could really help drive a major audience to WWE—which is heavily lacking.

    Why purposely keep a guy on the roster who continues to do well every time he gets a chance, and then bury him?

    Ever since ECW went down, Tatsu has barely been heard from. And it's nothing that he did—WWE is just not using him much at all.

    While he can barely speak English, he could still come on TV a few times a month and work a match or two. However, WWE couldn't do that—they'd rather not use him in any way. Sad, but true. This pains me the most.

5: Drew McIntyre

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    If there is ever a person who has made it to the level o a world title contender and dropped off from that faster than Drew McIntrye, then someone please let me know so I can send my condolences.

    Dubbed "The Chosen One" by Vince McMahon himself, Drew McIntyre was pushed to look like a legit threat with a wonderful gimmick that kept evolving weekly. He even developed a Scottish temper that made him look Orton-like.

    At last year's Elimination Chamber match, McIntyre looked like a legit monster and one that if barely pushed in the right path, could make his career. Then right as he's hot, WWE kills everything off and puts him on RAW. From then on, we barely saw McIntyre on TV. SmackDown was where he shined, and the move to RAW may have killed his career.

    Why not use him in some way on RAW, or would that be too hard since you already have five heels before him?

    McIntyre could make a case for being the most underutilized Superstar in WWE today as easily as anyone on this list. As a former IC and tag champion, McIntyre should be treated a lot better than he is now.

4: Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim—could there be a more underutilized talent in WWE today? Possibly, but female-wise, she is the most misused in WWE today. She requested her release, but there was never an official word on if she was let go or not. She claims to have quit, but we'll see.

    Kim left TNA to return to WWE where she could help out the Diva's Division. Originally, she was doing well and in the title hunt. But not long after that, we saw her take a downward spiral that she never recovered from.

    People just wanted to see her on TV, and WWE seemed to refuse to use her on anything but WWE Superstars. This is very sad, as she is considered the best Diva all around in WWE by so many.

    If she is still with WWE, then I hope they smarten up and use her the right way. Obviously if WWE uses her more, she won't be as ticked off all the time. Can you blame her for wanting to leave?

3: Sin Cara

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    I personally think WWE is idiotic for bringing in a lucha libre performer who has never wrestled the WWE style and expect him to pick it up so quickly. They made a massive mistake—not with the signing, but by pushing him too hard, too fast.

    You cannot expect him to know this style just because Rey Mysterio knew it, for instance.

    Hunico is now playing the character, which is also idiotic. But, it's happening.

    Cara needs training, and going to FCW for six months or so would be a perfect idea for him. That should've happened when he was first signed.

    Now, I was all for the signing and seeing him on TV, but I knew that he needed more training to be able to work well with the other talent. Right now, he is not at that level, so how can you expect him to be after making him learn match by match?

    It takes time.

    Hunico knows the WWE style, which is why he's doing as well as he is.

    Right now, we could make the case that the Sin Cara character is the most misused character in WWE. The real Cara needs more training. So instead of just releasing a 28-year-old who could be the future of your Hispanic audience, why not take the entire character off TV and just let Hunico be on as, well, Hunico.

    Then, after about six or seven months, bring Cara back in. It would give the kiddies someone to cheer for like Cara, and would give Cara a chance to take a break and learn. Do it WWE. Please, don't be morons!

2: John Morrison

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    Some would say, "Joe, Morrison is finally starting to progress. Why would you say he is misused?"

    Fact is, despite all the backstage issues, what we see on TV is a guy who should've already been WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion. He's built as this over-the-top athlete who does whatever it takes to win. Yet he can't even get a world title opportunity?

    And when he does get them, they are in a stupid way that's only helping to set up the champion for the story they are currently in with another person.

    Morrison performs well every week, and there is no one on the roster who can even come close to his excitement.

    This is not some love-fest for the Shaman of Sexy, but the thing is, John Morrison really has so much going for him, and overall, there is nothing WWE can say that would make fans think, "Oh yeah, Morrison is not nearly as deserving as The Great Khali was."

    Take a chance on the guy and see what happens, WWE.

    I'm not sure I've seen any person that has such spectacular matches and main events who's never held a world title of any kind.

1: Alberto Del Rio

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    Controversy at its finest, eh?

    I know—Del Rio is WWE Champion, how can he be misused?

    The issue is, like I said in the first article, he is not being used in the right way.

    Del Rio is not ready to be WWE Champion, and you can tell by everything he is doing as the champ.

    Many people expected Del Rio to be WWE Champion eventually, and it was even flirted with at WrestleMania after he won the biggest Royal Rumble match in history. It would have been the perfect time for him to hold a world title—especially after finding out that Edge was going.

    Del Rio is now WWE Champion and it is really uncomfortable to watch—not because he is awful in the ring or on the mic, but because he is so out of place right now. He doesn't fit as WWE Champion when guys like CM Punk and John Cena were killing it promo and match-wise the last few months.

    Then factor in that The Miz had an excellent run as WWE Champion (and he is now dropping off from that level), and it just seems that Del Rio is not the champ at the right time—which means fans really aren't getting behind him.

    I'm all for a Del Rio championship run, but the issue is that this was the worst time in the world to do it, because it kills what was seen as a great rivalry between Punk and Cena. Now people are so used to that rivalry—and its high level of crisp action and storyline—that Del Rio is seen as an interruption.

    Some would say that was the purpose, as MITB was able to be cashed in at any time.

    But, Del Rio is a special case

    He is an older WWE Superstar with little time to get over and stay there. So, you can't use him the wrong way and then expect it to be okay. I get wanting to push him to the moon really quick, but you have to do the push at the right time of the flow, storyline-wise.

    Right now, Del Rio and his push are heavily misused. Had this happened at Survivor Series for example, I doubt anyone would have had an issue with it.

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