College Football: My Thoughts and Opinions on Week 12

David HedlindAnalyst IINovember 16, 2008

Jinxing Coaches

If you look back at my "Thoughts and Opinions" articles through the weeks and then look at when certain coaches were let go, you will notice that the week before Willingham and Fulmer were let go, I mentioned it was getting to be about the time that the school make some changes.

Now, last week I called out Syracuse and what happened today? Greg Robinson has been let go. I won’t call anyone out this week. You’re welcome, struggling coaches.


Bryles and Cutcliffe

In my bold predictions to start the season I called for these two to take their schools to a new level right away. Last season Baylor was 0-8 and 3-9 and under Bryles this year is 2-5 and 4-7. Duke on the other hand was 0-8 and 1-11 last year but has gone 1-5 and 4-6 under Cutcliffe. Progress has been made.


New Uniforms at Oregon

Nike and the Ducks have done it again. Another new helmet, making four to choose from. This one is black although I hear it has some dark green to it. And the uniforms are a solid black instead of their previous black with green sleeves.

On the shoulders, where Oregon normally has some diamond plate design, was what looked like wings.

When Oregon first debuted the yellow helmets they lost and the helmets became unpopular, as though they were bad luck. The black ones now have a win so they will be a favorite for now.


Don’t Give Up

Well I thought we all learned after last season never to overlook an opponent, but with Troy going up 31-3 on defending National Champion LSU, I thought maybe I was wrong.

What I did learn later is that even down 31-3 in the 4thquarter, never give up. A lot of LSU fans left early and missed one of the best comeback wins in all of college football.

Honorable mention to Arizona who almost made the comeback but couldn’t quite get there.


Vanderbilt Going Bowling

Well they got their sixth win to become bowl eligible, now it's just about playing for a better bowl. With a struggling Tennessee team coming up, Vanderbilt could be at seven wins. This will be their first bowl since 1982.


Rose Bowl Rematch

Right now, Oregon State and Penn State are in control of their own destiny to make it to the Rose Bowl. Oregon still needs to get through Arizona and rival Oregon.

Penn State only has Michigan State left. Does anyone else really want to see a rematch of a game that ended 45-14?


The Apple Cup

I am not sure how just yet, but I think both Washington and Washington State will both find a way to lose this game. The worst part is, I am sure this will take up valuable TV time over a game that will almost certainly be better.


Notre Dame Going Bowling

With a win over Navy, Notre Dame is bowling again. While it is good for the program after last year's disaster season, I still feel this is one of those teams that shouldn’t get a bid until they are at seven wins. Why do we reward average? Is 6-6 really something to get excited over?


What’s Up With Tulsa?

A couple weeks ago they had like the best offense in the NCAA, were undefeated and looking like a potential BCS buster. Now they have lost two in a row and haven’t had more than 30 points in either loss. Suddenly they may even be a question mark to play for the Conference USA title.


Conference USA East

Tulsa isn’t the only question mark in the Conference USA title chase. The East has plenty of questions too. East Carolina was primed and ready to go, that is until they lost this week to Southern Miss. Now, while ECU is still in the lead, it just isn’t as secure as it would have been with a win.


Big MAC Time

What I mean is Ball State vs. Central Michigan this week. I have been looking forward to this one for a while now. If this isn’t a shootout or doesn’t come down to the final minutes, I will be greatly disappointed.

The winner should have the inside edge to the MAC championship. The under card to this one is the fact that Buffalo plays Bowling Green. Neither team is as hyped in the MAC as the teams in the other game, but Buffalo and Bowling Green currently sit at No. 1 and 2 in the MAC East.


Hawaii Might Not Even Play in Its Own Bowl

Hawaii is at 5-5 right now and has Idaho up next. Conventional wisdom would say they would get an invite to the Hawaii Bowl with a win. Unfortunately, they have 13 games this season so they have to win two of the last three.

The other two games are Washington State and Cincinnati. All three games are at home. Idaho and Washington State are not very good teams at all. Then again Hawaii lost to Utah State this season too.