Minnesota Vikings Let Another One Slip Away, Fall to 5-5

Jesse AbelsonContributor IJune 21, 2016

As I watched the final drive of the Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay game, I was hoping that somehow the Vikings could pull off a miracle win.

Having to drive 80 yards with no time outs left in 1:55 is hard enough for any team.

Having to do it without being able to hand the ball off to the best running back in the NFL and letting the outcome of the game rest in a 37-year-old quarterback who runs a 40 yard dash in about 12 seconds—and has thrown more interceptions this year than touchdowns—is a different story.

In the first half, Adrian Peterson had 71 rushing yards on 13 carries. That is about 5.5 yards per carry. In the second half, he had only six carries. After the Vikings couldn't convert on a 2nd, 3rd or 4th and two, I came up with two conclusions:


1) The Vikings need to fire Brad Clueless and hire someone else to coach the Vikings. This team is a "ready to win" team except for the coaching.

It was Brad Childress who decided that Tarvaris Jackson was the future Quarterback for the Vikings. That isn't working out very well.

It was Brad Childress who decided not to give the ball once to Adrian Peterson in the fourth quarter including when it was 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and two. We need to fire him and hire someone that knows how to run a team.


2)  The Vikings need a better quarterback. Gus Frerotte couldn't run even if if his life depended on it.  Next year there will be many options.

Since the Vikings seem to like small college quarterbacks, (i.e. Tyler Thigpen, Tarvaris Jackson) there is a little-known quarterback named Nathan Brown who plays for Central Arkansas.

So far he has thrown 29 TDs and three INT this season. He is best fit for a west coast offense and can run.

There is also the chance Minnesota can try and sign the Patriots' Matt Cassel as a free agent, or we could trade for someone like the Browns' Derek Anderson.