Crimson Tide Bully Their Way Into The Iron Bowl With 11-0 Record

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 16, 2008

The Alabama Crimson Tide are on a roll and it seems that the number one ranking does not necessarily go with the "Underdog" mentality adopted by the coach, players and fans alike.  This team is for real, and finding ways to win SEC games like this equals championship teams.

This team is more about physical dominance than anything else.  You can have the best skill players you want on a team, but championships are won and lost in the trenches, and this is where Alabama governs their opponents. Ask any team 'Bama has played this season- in particular Clemson and Georgia.

The offensive line is one of the best I have ever seen and they pummel defensive units every single game.  With this approach to winning football games we see it as the main formula to almost all successful teams.  Give me a great offensive line before you give me a great running back any day of the week. 

The defensive line has a beast in the middle in nose tackle Terrence Cody - he's huge and immovable to say the least.  Plugging up the middle with his fellow teammates on the defensive line give those speedy Alabama linebackers the chance to run around the field like a bunch of pro bowl caliber guys "Just having a good time!"

Making plays when they are needed the most is something  that even Nick Saban can't coach.  It just happens as players step up and a teams unity becomes more and more apparent as they take the field.  The "I got your back" mentality that is fostered and developed over a season, this team has that mentality.  

This season we've seen the mentality in abundance: whether its punt returns for touchdowns, or an interceptions returned as a pick 6s, or just a clutch pass by a quarterback who is just managing the coaches gameplan. 

Great teams find ways to win games, this team is no different.  Whether the SEC is down this year or not, the Crimson Tide are still 11-0 with three more games to go. 

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