Professional Wrestling: 21 Pro Wrestlers Who Should Be Working in WWE

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 30, 2011

Professional Wrestling: 21 Pro Wrestlers Who Should Be Working in WWE

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    Sometimes, the best place to start is at the top.

    And some of these wrestlers have done that, left and have come back. Others were shown the door and are looking for new scenery.

    Or they left of their own accord, decided they did not find greener pastures and now they want to be welcomed back to the big show.

    Then there are those wrestlers who have been loyal and true to their dance partner, but they have danced as many steps as they can and need someone else to show them more moves. We as fans can see if they learned enough in there time elsewhere to be a great partner on the dance floor.

    These wrestlers should be working in the WWE.

Velvet Sky

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    I will just start out with my girl, Velvet.

    She is currently in the middle of the pack with TNA in terms of heat in the Knockouts Division. Her addition to the WWE provides a solid wrestler who looks great and can move in the ring for more than five minutes.

    Would love to see her work an angle with Natalya.


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    There is a rumor about him meeting Goldberg at some point. But for right now, Batista coming back to the WWE means Triple H wants to infuse the brands with "Attitude."

    Batista is a little lighter than he was before, as seen in recent pictures, but I am sure training will help him get back to where he needs to be to compete on the top level.


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    Phil Shatter is a great performer, having beaten some of the best talent in TNA, and was a former World Television champion.

    His power and look reminds me of old-school wrestlers who worked hard at beating their opponents down and earned a win.

    He would be great as a tag team partner of CM Punk.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

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    They have been to the big show before.

    The tag team would help with the creation of a new tag team division.

    Benjamin was not great on the mic or he may have been a world champion.

    Now he and Charlie can come back home and win tag team gold.

Roderick Strong

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    The king of multiple back breaker variations.

    Strong would be a great middle weight and could put on a show against the likes of Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne.

    He only strengthens the idea that a cruiserweight division should be created.

Chris Jericho

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    I so want him back in the WWE because of the former champions they have rumored to be coming back. Jericho looks like he would be the one who could return to his former excellence the fastest.

    A great technician and one of the best mic men ever.

    The WWE misses his abilities.

D'Angelo Dinero

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    It was the biggest mistake for the WWE to let Elijah Burke leave before.

    He is a true talent that is being buried in TNA.

    If he comes back to Smackdown and feuds with Christian, there could be something really special in that type of a rivalry.


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    There has been talk of him going to TNA and talk about him wrestling for the WWE. Either way, get him back in wrestling, but make him a more workable commodity.

    The knock on Goldberg was he was stiff and did not want to lose. Have him soften up a bit, make him a heel and see what he does against a Batista or a Sheamus.

    A storyline with Wade Barrett would be popular as well.

Sarita and Rosita

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    Two more ladies that can wrestle and maybe add some credence to the Divas Division.

    Sarita and Rosita should help usher in the Divas Tag Team Titles.

    A feud with Kelly Kelly and Eva would be pretty interesting.

Generation Me

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    Let's see what they can do here.

    They left TNA because they asked to be let go. They were exciting and young and full of potential.

    Can that translate against the likes of Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston?

Samoa Joe

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    This may be foreshadowing.

    There has been a lot of talk lately about Joe coming to the WWE.

    He could be a great tag team partner for Mark Henry or the new bully on the block brought in by Triple H on Raw to compete with CM Punk.

Matt Morgan

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    This is the one who got away.

    Morgan is big, strong and powerful. He fits in the WWE against Sheamus, Mark Henry, etc.

    Morgan will need to wait until his injury heals, but there seems to have been contact between the two sides, so this is a real possibility.


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    His only work now is as a tag team champion. He would be such an appeal to the Hispanic community in the WWE.

    Big, strong and a decent worker. He is a lot bigger than most Hispanic wrestlers in the WWE.

    And I do not see this tag team keeping the belts long, so this would be a perfect fit.

Mark and Jay Briscoe

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    Bring them in to the WWE and it would signify that Triple H, creative and whoever is writing story lines is serious about forming a tag team division.

    Currently they are stars in ROH, but WWE will give them more exposure and it would be interesting to see how they would handle tag matches against Big Show and Kane (if they remain a tag team) or R-Truth and the Miz.

Jay Lethal

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    Fired by TNA, he is currently working in ROH.

    Lethal is missed by TNA fans and would look great in the cruiserweight division of the WWE.

    Lethal's charisma is much needed within WWE with characters getting stale. He also is a hard worker and would be an instant favorite.

James Storm

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    I think Bobby Roode will win the TNA World Title before the end of the year, so Storm making a move makes sense unless he is the heel who challenges Roode for the title.

    Storm is a better worker than I used to think and is good on the mic.

    He would add a bad-ass element to the singles scene (Stone Cold-esque). And fans would love or hate his beer-drinking persona.

AJ Styles

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    How much more can this man do in TNA?

    He has held every title, been a face or heel and virtually had this company on his back from time to time.

    TNA has some decent home-grown talent. He is one of the best EVER.

    Styles would instantly be thrown into the title mix on Smackdown and a feud with Christian would be epic!


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    The one that got away.

    Hopefully before the end of his career (that appears to be on the down side, finally), fans will get their wish and Sting will compete in a WWE arena.

    But that really depends on how Sting feels about the way WCW wrestlers were treated when the McMahons bought the company.

    If he decides to cross the line and go up north, there is a Dead Man who might want to see him at a WrestleMania event in the future.


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    The future is here.

    In TNA, he works so well for a younger wrestler. In WWE, he probably gets thrown to the wolves and caught in the middle. He and Matt Morgan would be a great Twin Tower tag team.

    His look is unmistakable. He will have gold soon in TNA. WWE may take some time.

Austin Aries

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    He is the best character on TNA right now.

    Brash, smart, great mic skills and a look of a devilish champion.

    He reminds me a little of Benoit and Guerrero in one!

    He could be the future of the TNA brand, but he is too talented to remain if the brand falters.

Kurt Angle

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    He started there. He needs to finish there.

    Angle has had a career worthy of making him one of the top 15 wrestlers of all time. He is still a great wrestler at 43 and can hold his own in any arena.

    He should go out on top in the company that made him a star.