Tottenham Hotspur: Am I as Happy as Harry Redknapp? NO!

David JacobsCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2011

Exactly - A Flop.
Exactly - A Flop.

This is no boo-boy coming at you. This is honesty and fact. Do not try and adjust your computer screen.

We've just been thrashed by City (well, Edin Dzeko really) 5-1, conceded eight goals in total, scored one, won none and plummeted to 20th place, with two more gruelling encounters coming up with the likes of Wolves and Liverpool.

Midfielder-hoarding and favouritism has now cost us dearly. I don't need to name names as there's only one manager per team. His persistence in placing Peter Crouch up front (or anywhere else) is now beyond explanation following another ineffective performance.

Crouch's partnership with VDV was effective a year ago—for two games—but not now. Today's headers went almost nowhere and shaved the wrong side of the post.

You could say Rafael Van Der Vaart hasn't been at his best lately, but he can still create things, whereas Crouch looks more like a glorified centre midfielder or a jack-in-the-box who jumps up at random points to show us he is still on the pitch, taking up the space of a more effective player.

Well, I'm now the one who's wound up and ready to headbutt anyone in the way.

Following today's humbling by Man City, my patience with Crouch is now completely drained, and my reservations about dawdling with the January transfer window over a PROPER striker have now been compounded.

If we offloaded Crouch and hadn't bought more midfielders than we could sell, we might have freed up enough cash for a permanent striker by now! But no, we had to maintain what could of made up a second senior squad!

Sometimes I think the powers-that-be are a law unto themselves, blaming everything else apart from their own actions with not selling players who really aren't doing their bit for the team anymore. Redknapp can't even see who we need.

Instead, he wants to overload the squad further with midfielders. It was our forwards and defenders in need of replacing due to being sidelined with injuries!

Pav might have been the key to our striking problems with a constant run of games, but evidently, Harry is excellent at burning bridges. Emmanuel Adebayor is only on loan, so we need another striker who will be permanent.

Can you honestly tell me we needed Steven Pienaar given all the other midfielders we had at the time and still have now?

It's like trying to swallow that last Krispy Kreme doughnut when you've already ingested the other 11 in the box. You only want it because it's there—you don't need it. It clogs up the space for more important things like an all-round striker and a defender who has a fear of hospitals.

Pienaar is already looking like the next Niko Kranjcar. And by that I mean getting splinters in his backside, which isn't what I want for Pienaar or Niko. Pienaar's injured, yes, but maybe that's the only time he'll be mentioned on team news updates.

I can't actually fathom what our formation is going to look like in a few months time. Oh wait, I can:





____________where a striker used to be________________

The new patented Redknapp 3-7 formation!

There are too many midfielders and not enough top strikers to score goals. Van Der Vaart is an attacking midfielder, not a striker. Defoe is a good striker but needs others to work with him.

I appreciate what Harry and Levy have done for the club in recent years, BUT that doesn't mean they can be immune from criticism when necessary. I don't want Harry out on his ear, but I do want him to change some of these favouritist attitudes he has about certain players and his tactics.

Levy already annoyed me when he sacked Martin Jol. The Stratford thing took the piss (and it has continued with this appeal to the OPLC), and there's always going to be a slight resentment about that.

Do we need to be relegated before Harry realises that maybe he shouldn't have bought all those midfielders just for being "triffic?"

We're obligated as fans to not knock something until we've tried it. We've tried it, it hasn't worked—on numerous occasions—and so, we have to knock it.

I'm hoping and praying this midfield clogging goes no further than Pienaar, e.g. leave Parker alone. But hey, Parker's scored one or two goals before so he's triffic—stick him upfront instead.

That'll get us 20 goals a season and shut me up...