Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars Swap Defensemen

WoooooSenior Writer INovember 16, 2008

The Pittsburgh Penguins traded defenseman Darryl Sydor to the Dallas Stars for defenseman Philippe Boucher on Sunday morning.

This trade doesn't affect Pens' fans much. Sydor wanted to be traded because he wanted more ice time and on a nightly basis there just wasn't room for him on the Pens' blue line.
When Gonchar and Whitney come back, Sydor will be looking at eighth or possibly ninth on the defenseman depth chart.

The Pens brought in Philippe Boucher from the Stars. Boucher is bigger, more physical, and more gifted offensively than Sydor. He put up an impressive 19 goals and 51 points during the 2006-07 season in Dallas, but registered just 14 points in 38 games last season due to injury.

This season Boucher has just three assists and 15 penalty minutes in 16 games. He needed to be moved. Dallas isn't living up to the pre-season expectations and 35-year-old Boucher needed to play in a fresh atmosphere with younger players. Plus Sean Avery kept glaring at him in the showers.

"TTYL, Phil. <3, Your BFF, Sean"

All things considered, this looks like another solid move made by Penguins' GM, Ray Shero. We'll see if Boucher cracks the starting lineup immediately for Michel Therrien or if the coach gives him a week or so to adjust to the new atmosphere before inserting him into the lineup.

Best of luck goes out to Darryl Sydor and his family, who should be pleased to move back to Dallas, where Sydor has nothing but great things to say about.

Sydor is still a capable NHL defenseman, just not on the Pittsburgh Penguins team. He'll be better off in a place where he can finish out his career as a top six defenseman instead of sitting in the press box three out of every four games.

If there is any relation between Philippe Boucher and Bobby Boucher, better known as "the Waterboy," then we're in for a good show.

Let's Go Pens.