England Rugby Slump To Sloppy Loss Against Average Aussies

Sean KellyAnalyst INovember 16, 2008

I'm sure as all of you may have experienced by now, all good things will eventually come to their end.

How long the good thing may last usually depends, but you can assure yourself it will. The midweek hype of the new adventurous, exciting and explosive England has already been cut down to nothing but a lazy and stupid side that gifts top international sides points, after Martin Johnson's second game in control.

England slumped to a 14-28 loss as Australia claimed 21 points from what can only be called unnecessary and idiotic penalties to give away.

England's golden boy of the moment Delon Armitage was reduced to a drop goal with attacking ball seeming a luxury in that game rather than something they expected in their game against the pacific Islanders.

Danny Cipriani showed his class with a few attacking breaks which eventually amounted to nothing.

Phil Vickery showed his age in the front row. His fitness clearly isn't that of what is a expected of an international rugby player. Towards the end of his run out it looked like he was suffering from heart failure.

Andrew Sheridan was unable to demolish the Australian front row as he has done on his previous two games against them.

Jamie Noon has once again proved to me he is nothing but one dimensional, he can tackle (admittedly very well) and run straight, nothing more and nothing less.

Possibly a harsh review to a team that has just played its second international game together under a new coach, but the reason they lost is basic. Stupidity.

You cannot play teams like Australia with players like Matt Giteau, Stirling Mortlock, and George Smith and expect to give away kickable penalties and still come away victorious.

Changes need to be made and bollockings need to be given, as England gave a seriously mediocre performance against an Australia team that really didn't play their best.