UFC 134 Results: The Most Memorable Moments from the Fight Card in Rio

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2011

UFC 134 Results: The Most Memorable Moments from the Fight Card in Rio

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    UFC 134 will go down as one of the best cards outside the United States in UFC history. With Anderson Silva doing what he does best against Yushin Okami, the card was dominated by memorable moments.

    It was the UFC's first event in Brazil since UFC 17.5 all the way back in October of 1998.

    It produced an awesome crowd, a lot of awesome fights and even one of the craziest moments to grace the octagon in UFC history.

    So which moments from the UFC 134 card grace this list?


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The Crowd Gets Loud for the First Fight of the Night

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    Even at home, you could feel the energy of the crowd for the first fight of the night.

    It wasn't your typical or ordinary first fight, it was the first fight in Brazil for almost 13 years. Even though neither Ian Loveland or Yves Jabouin are Brazilian, the two fighters heard the loud enormous cheers to begin their fight.

    Both fighters went out and put on a great show to kick the night off in Rio.

Crowd Chants During Any of the Fights

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    The crowd's energy was everywhere during this card—not just the Jabouin/Loveland fight.

    From the first prelim to the Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami main event, the crowd was all over the fights and eating up every second.

    Constant chants broke out during the majority of the fights and you know these Brazilian fighters were definitely feeding off the crowd.

Erick Silva Earns the First Knockout of the Night at UFC 134

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    Erick Silva was involved in the third fight of the night and he made an epic impact on the UFC 134 card.

    Silva blasted Luis Ramos and dropped him hard. From there, Silva went in for the kill and the crowd ate up the first knockout in Brazil during a UFC event since Vitor Belfort knocked out Wanderlei Silva 13 years prior.

Luiz Cane Gets KO'd to Become the Only Brazilian to Lose to a Non-Brazilian

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    The Brazilians went 7-1 versus non-Brazilian fighters and that one loss was Luiz Cane.

    Cane was knocked out by Stanislav Nedkov in the first round which gave the non-Brazilians their first and only win of the night.

    It may be a little cruel to say this is memorable, but on a card dominated by the Brazilian fighters, this certainly sticks out.

Edson Barboza and Ross Pearson's Performances

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    This fight was pretty awesome with both Ross Pearson and Edson Barboza showcasing some awesome striking skills.

    Barboza threw a lot of spinning back-kicks and eventually was able to pull off the win with the judges awarding Barboza a split decision. A back and forth battle that really could have gone either way.

    This fight won "Fight of the Night" honors with both Pearson and Barboza pocketing a nice $100,000.

Rousimar Palhares Celebrates a Little Too Early

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    This is perhaps the craziest moment inside the cage in UFC history.

    If it isn't, Rousimar Palhares definitely owns the No. 1 spot either way. Many may remember Palhares signaled to the referee in his fight with Nate Marquardt to tell him he thought Marquardt was greased. Palhares eventually lost that fight.

    Now fast forward to UFC 134 and Palhares still hasn't learned his lesson. Palhares was beating Miller to a pulp until for some odd reason Palhares stopped and started celebrating thinking he had won the fight.

    After the fight, UFC president Dana White said that Palhares heard Miller yell "Stop!" and proceeded to celebrate thinking the fight was over.

    Whatever happened it was a pretty confusing, awkward and awesome moment.

Dan Miller Hurts Palhares Just Seconds After the Fight Is Resumed

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    Just seconds after they resumed the fight when Rousimar Palhares celebrated prematurely, Miller came in and dropped Palhares.

    Unfortunately for Miller, Palhares survived the onslaught and went on to beat Miller to a pulp in the next two rounds.

    Palhares was also unable to finish Miller, but he was able to pull out the unanimous decision victory. Palhares even earned a 30-25 on one of the judge's scorecard.

    Miller did show tremendous heart and took every shot Palhares threw to take the fight the distance so kudos to Miller.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Scores a Knockout Victory over Brendan Schaub

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    This was a big fight for Brendan Schaub after he asked to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

    This was an even bigger fight for the aging Nogueira. The Brazilian MMA legend took Schaub to school and was able to rock and finish off Schaub in the first round.

    Nogueira started cheering, got up on top of the cage railing and had a Tito Ortiz moment screaming "I'm back!"

    Nogueira earned $100,000 for this knockout with the "Knockout of the Night" award.

Shogun Knocks out Forrest Griffin

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    Their first fight ended with Forrest Griffin beating Mauricio "Shogun" Rua by rear-naked choke in the third round. That fight was Shogun's first inside the UFC.

    Now almost four years later, the two met again with title contention status hanging in the balance.

    Shogun outdid Forrest in the first round and eventually clipped him and finished him off with some vicious punches.

Anderson Silva Defends His Title for a Record 9th Consecutive Time

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    Another rematch and more retribution.

    Anderson Silva was on a 13-fight win streak with his last loss coming against Yushin Okami in 2006.

    Silva came in hearing all about that fight and in front of his home country delivered a dominating second round performance and made Okami look like a seven-year-old who was just beginning MMA.

    Silva threw two little jabs that knocked down Okami with the second one finishing off Okami for good. Silva jumped in and delivered punches, elbows, knees and practically anything you could do to a downed opponent to finish off Okami.

    Silva earned his redemption and won the fight by TKO in the second round to defend his title for a UFC record ninth consecutive time. He also extended his win streak to 14 wins—another UFC record.