Alexander Povetkin vs David Haye? Could the Hayemaker Return for One Last Shot?

Martin SaltCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2011

(Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Last night Alexander Povetkin laboured to a unanimous points decision over Ruslan Chagaev, to claim the "regular" WBA Heavyweight World Title.

The term "regular" champion is used very loosly in this case, as the real WBA champion is none other than Wladimir Klitschko, who defeated David Haye to win the WBA strap. But, as is always the case with boxing politics, Klitschko was elevated to the meaningless title of "Super Champion."

This is the point where David Haye could be back in the equation.

It's clear that Wladimir Klitschko is unlikely to pursue a rematch with Haye, after the way the British fighter humiliated himself against the Ukrainian. But Povetkin may be a more realistic way of allowing Haye to fight for his former title and bow out with some dignity.

Haye stated before the fight that he would be rooting for Povetkin, as the young Russian is backed by Haye's business partners, Team Sauerland. Does this message suggest Haye is looking for a way back into contention within the Heavyweight ranks?

The fight would make sense for Povetkin, both financially and at this stage in his career. The new champion is a half-decent heavyweight and a fight with Haye would be a 50/50 match. Haye is clearly not the force he claimed to be and is, in reality, a Cruiser-weight masquerading as a Heavyweight.

Povetkin would be well advised to stay clear of the Klitschko's for the time being, based on last night's performance. All of Teddy Atlas's corny speeches would not be able to prevent a beat-down by either of the two brothers. Maybe with a couple of motivational victories over the main contenders in the division, then Povetkin could mount a decent challenge.

In terms of fighting either Klitschko brother, time may not be on Povetkin's side. There is literally nothing left for either of them to achieve in the division and it would not be surprising to see both retire in the next year or so.

A fight between Povetkin and Robert Helenius may be another interesting match up. The "Nordic Nightmare" produced a good performance on the same card. However, he may be too dangerous at this stage for Povetkin and it is another fight with a 50/50 chance for either boxer.

What Haye would provide for Povetkin is a good deal of exposure. The Klitschko/Haye fight was well marketed by the Hayemaker. A redemption promoted bout between Haye and Povetkin would bring in a sizable, if not large following. A win for Povetkin against Haye would give the Heavyweight division a decent new star to follow.

So, will the Hayemaker return? David Haye will never be capable of beating the Klitschko brothers, but he could save a bit of face by taking on a decent new "regular" champion.

But for Alexander Povetkin, as well as exposure and money, a good performance and victory would propel him onwards and upwards.