UFC 134 Results: Does Zuffa Need Anderson Silva to Lose?

Jonathon O'ConnorContributor IIIAugust 28, 2011

For the winner, by TKO, and still UFC middleweight champion of the world... Anderson "The Spider" Silva!

Poor Bruce Buffer.  The longtime voice of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has got to be tired of bellowing out that same line, or something very similar, every single time Anderson Silva steps into the cage. 

He's been saying it for five straight years now.  At this point, when Silva fights in the main event, Buffer might as well just leave a recording of his victory announcement, and simply take the rest of the night off.

That's how predictable Silva's fight nights have become.  Walk in champion, walk out champion, go home and have a victory sandwich.

It makes you wonder, though, how does the UFC brass feel about one competitor single-handedly demolishing their entire roster? 

For a company that prides itself on being the standard bearer for mixed martial artists, where the competition is so fierce that no one man is able to stay on top for very long, you've got to believe that having Anderson Silva nonchalantly walk through every opponent placed in front of him is making their blood boil.

You might bring up Georges St-Pierre as a man whom the company still loves, even though he is doing the exact same thing, but the two fighters are on totally different levels. 

For starters, St-Pierre totes the company line harder than anyone else in the UFC.  He's a public face for the company to get behind, and they know it. 

He also looks human when he fights.  He wins fights, true, but he doesn't go into the cage and just walk over the top of every opponent en route to an early stoppage.  He grinds out his victories, and looks human in doing so.

Silva, on the other hand, isn't as friendly to the company nor his opponents.  He's not a company figurehead, and doesn't seem to want that role.  He also doesn't look human when he fights.  He looks unstoppable, like a machine.  A machine who humiliates its opponents mid-round, then karate kicks them into oblivion.

Frankly, Silva makes the entire UFC roster look weak by comparison.  That can't be good for business.

So, here's the question:  Does Dana White, and the rest of the UFC brass, want...scratch that, need Anderson Silva to lose?

I doubt they would openly admit it, but I would imagine that it's not something that hasn't been discussed behind closed doors.  In strolling through their entire stable of fighters for the last half-decade, Silva has brought question to whether or not the UFC fighters are as elite as the company would have you believe. 

You know they want someone to go out there and prove him wrong.  It's not as if they haven't tried.  They simply haven't yet found a person who could do it.

Until they do, Silva will continue his reign of terror in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, making both his opponents and the UFC look silly in doing so.

What do you think, readers?  Is there someone out there who can stop Silva?  If so, who could it be? 

My immediate reaction would be a rematch with Chael Sonnen, who just so happens to be the only fighter to have given Silva any noteworthy trouble.  However, that's obviously not a given. 

So, who's it gonna be?  Take to the comment section and let me know what you think.

Until next time, thanks for reading!