Top 10 Fantasy Football RB's Deliver

Dan BentonCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

Week 11 of the current National Football League schedule has brought the running back position to the accustomed forefront of attention focused on production numbers in fantasy football ranks. Owners need to see where their studs and duds line up for usage in this week's games.

Some of the best are being left; some of the worst are still worst; and some have risen to the top like the proverbial cream, leading their teams' production in both wins and yards.

Some of the preseason favorites, chosen to rise to the "beast" terms of affection by fantasy owners, have fallen flat on their faces, leaving the owners who drafted then wondering if aliens had invaded the team headquarters and bodies of their respective fantasy players, taking over their spirit and rendering them impotent on the field.

Stephen Jackson, Laurence Maroney, Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Marshawn Lynch, Julius Jones, Ladainian Tomlinson, Edgerrin James, Justin Fargas, Fred Taylor, Reggie Bush and Joseph Addai are all names that were expected to excel and carry their teams to the promised lands in the end zones of the league this season. None have come close to the expectations that attached to their names, even though some do play for winning teams, but not because of their respective numbers this season.

Leading the list of the productive runners that have surpassed those with higher expectations is Adrian Peterson, who was arguably the best runner last year in the NFL. Most Peterson detractors this preseason felt that the majority of his yards last year were gained in two monster games.

This year, he has simply followed up as the leading rusher in the National Football League already with 1,015 yards by week 11, 206 carries, seven touchdowns, a longest run being a 54 yard touchdown, and four fumbles. All this while averaging 4.9 yards per carry; proving that he is no fluke or flash in the pan.

Clinton Portis of the Redskins has continued his seasons of excellence this year. He was the second leading rusher with 995 yards on 200 carries, seven touchdowns, a longest carry of 31 yards, and one fumble.

He led the league until two weeks ago when he suffered a sprained left knee, did not fully heal in the subsequent bye week, and is questionable for this week. With all that being said, he trails Peterson by 20 yards and six carries.

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