Oklahoma State-Colorado: Cowboys Hunt Down Buffaloes

Chaz MattsonAnalyst INovember 15, 2008

A Saturday night game is supposed to be a fun occasion for the Boulder faithful when the Buffs are wearing all black. Somehow that memo never reached the desk at Oklahoma State.

At stake for CU were the chances of the first winning season for Coach Hawkins if the young Buffs won the two remaining games on their schedule. The best CU can hope for now is a 6-6 record if they win in Nebraska on the day after Thanksgiving. 

Oklahoma State has a solid Colorado connection in star quarterback Zac Robinson, who appears to have an even brighter future. The former Chatfield High School stand-out came out of the gate swinging with his Cowboy teammates.

On the opening possession, CU started to move the ball when suddenly the wheels fell off the wagon. Cody Hawkins connected with receiver Cody Crawford, who fumbled the ball away at the Colorado 44 yard-line. 

From that point Zac Robinson and the Cowboys just focused on their road ahead and got down to business.

Oklahoma State was running out of the shotgun when Dez Bryant was found on a cross route for a gain of 17 on a third and nine situation. The danger of the OSU offense was starting to make its presence known in Boulder.

The Cowpokes eventually had to settle for a three after having their drive stall inside the five. The following Cowboy drive had similar results, going about 70 yards only to stall inside the 10 and settle again for a three. At the end of one, it was 6-0 Cowboys.

An indicative sign of the Buffs season and their atrocious kicking game this season came on their first field goal attempt of the game.

Colorado kicker Eric Goodman had plenty of leg from 50 yards out, but hit the left posts when the ball hooked outside the post due to the flatter angle of flight on the ball. 

Oklahoma State responded with a drive that saw a large run gash the black defense for 20 some odd yards. Then Robinson connected again with NFL prospect Dez Bryant on a dig crossing route that saw him make a phenomenal one-handed adjustment on the ball.

The ball was thrown slightly high and ahead of Bryant as Robinson got popped on the play. As he was crossing Bryant put his right arm up to make a stab at the ball and wound up catching the ball, staying in full stride then making a dive at the end-zone pylon for the touchdown.

The play started just inside the Buffaloes 30-yard marker and ended in a flurry leaving the crowd in awe and disappointment with the score 13-0 OSU. The Buffs later improved when Eric Goodman connected on a field goal to put the score at 13-3 at the half.

As the second half began, OSU sought to extend their lead to help keep the game out of reach as the Buffs had hopes of climbing back into the game.

When Robinson hooked up with Damien Davis on a play that covered about 30 yards, the Cowboys were setting up shop to win the game. On the very next play, Kendall Hunter busted out for a 43-yard jolt to dive near the left pylon for the touchdown to put OSU on top 20-3.

The Buffs had been chipping here and there all evening, but just could not sustain any drives. This led to a fourth-and-10 situation inside of five minutes in the third quarter when the Buffs were in the right place at the right time.

Cody Hawkins drilled a pass to Cody Crawford, who could not catch the pass, but the deflection went high in the air towards the end-zone and was caught by a lunging Scotty McKnight, who had just enough to score.

Oklahoma State stayed cool and calm and put a solid, methodical drive together through a series of good passing and good running. Robinson then ran out of the shotgun wildcat formation inside the Buff 12-yard line. 

On the play, Robinson faked the give and sprinted left for the corner and dove for the touchdown. The score was now 27-10 in favor of OSU with less than a minute to play in the third.

Give Colorado credit: they never gave up and they kept pounding away looking for answers. One answer came in the form of a Robinson interception thrown to Buffs linebacker Shaun Mohler, a junior college transfer this season.

Demetrius Sumler then scored on a three yard touchdown run that narrowed the margin to 27-17. Dan Bailey later put OSU up 30-17 on a short field goal with 4:37 left on the clock. Colorado eventually conceded to the Cowboy hunt and that was the ball game.  

Up next for Colorado is the yearly rivalry game with Nebraska in Lincoln. For Oklahoma State, they have rival Oklahoma in a game that will have some impact on the BCS bowl picture and possibly the national championship.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting Thanksgiving weekend of football.