Letter To MLS: How to Make Plan Becks Work?

Christian AraosContributor INovember 15, 2008

To the owners of all MLS teams:

Here's an idea for the honchos at MLS, go sign the games' most recognizable person to a big contract in a big city. Wait, that's been done—and its not working.

What to do? Here's an idea.

As many of you know, Becks has signed a deal to go to AC Milan on a loan spell until the MLS season starts again and Landon Donovan is receiving high praise from Jurgen Klinsmann while training with Bayern Munich and is likely to be signed in January. What I propose is that you promote your players to go on loan spells with European clubs in order to increase the quality of the players.

Here are some reasons why:

  1.  Increased promotion of the league
  2.  Increase talent on both the team and international level
  3.  Chance for European club to find a "diamond in the rough"
  4.  Potential creation of a partnership between MLS and European clubs


Reason 1: Increased Promotion

Whenever a Yank goes abroad you hear about it, Adu to Benfica, Edu to Rangers, etc. So if you have more Yanks going abroad there will be a significant increase in the publicity the MLS would receive. When the players come back, they would hopefully be better and their new skills would lead to an increased desire to see them and therefore increased attendance.


Reason 2: Increased talent

Its proven that the teams in Europe are far better than those in MLS. So when you have players playing on these teams, chances are they can only get better with the high quality of coaching, training, and performance they have.

This would lead to a better product on the field for all teams. It would also increase the quality of the talent pool that some North American countries have since they're internationals are now playing amongst some of the best players the world has to offer. Which can only lead to good things.


Reason 3: Diamond in Rough

This should be called the McBride factor. If it weren't for Brian McBride coming from Columbus Crew to Fulham, chances are Fulham would've never made the great escape they made last year—that is if they would still have been in the Premier League.

If some other European team uses an MLS player and they become a hero, the respect other leagues would have for MLS would rise astronomically and then players could see that as a chance to go to America instead of going to another part of England.


Reason 4: Partnerships

The New York Yankees and the Tokyo Giants have a deal that has the Giants act as a feeder club to the Yankees in return for money (i.e. Matsui). Let's say D.C. United were to form a partnership with Manchester United to send any player Man Utd want in return for a large transfer fee—both teams would benefit both on the pitch and in the pocket.

Man Utd would get the stud prospect and if he performs well would increase sales of anything involving him. DC would get the large transfer fee and it could be used to sign players that other teams couldn't afford which would lead them to have the best team on the pitch which increases attendance.


I see this plan as something that could work but there are so many problems possibly arising that it might be difficult for it to become a reality. If you have a better ideas, please don't hesitate to comment.