Should Barack Obama Help Install a College Football Playoff System?

Greg HuntoonCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

Being that Barack Obama is clearly an avid sports fan, and the most popular human being in the universe this week (whether you like him or not), it's not surprising to hear that he wants to "throw his weight around a little bit" with regards to the installing an eight-team playoff.

He recently said that he would, because he thinks that "it's the right thing to do." Do you?

Regardless of your position, chances are, you will acknowledge the fact that the current system in place is in serious need of modification in order to help satiate the country's need for a decisive national champion each year.

The system that President-Elect Obama advocates for is one that will add three weeks to the season, with four quarterfinal games, two semifinals, and the national championship game, to happen after the rest of the bowl season finishes up in the first week of January.

There has been a bunch of talk about how to achieve this, and put to rest the chatter that starts in early December has the BCS announces its bowl games and contestants, and honestly, doesn't really ever end.

Personally, I don't think that the BCS has gotten the title game participants right since USC and Texas played in the Rose Bowl three years back.

At a time when college football is enjoying widespread success and has been carried by some great superstars like Reggie Bush, Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden, and Adrian Petersen, to name a few, it seems the perfect time to iron out a few of the remaining and glaring flaws.

There are a handful of programs dominating the landscape, but another handful each year drive right through the pack demanding that they be considered as one of the best as well (read: Boise State and the Statue of Liberty against Oklahoma two years ago).

So back to the question at hand: should Barack Obama get involved in the process? Is it his place? Does it matter whether or not it is his place?

Honestly, if William Shatner had some unseen pull, I'd hope and pray that he'd use it. Perhaps the BCS's Board of Directors (or whatever the hell they call themselves...the Old White Men) would listen to a plea from the temptress, Paris Hilton?

Everyone seems to consider Jessica "Chicken of the Sea" Simpson as about as American as you can get...don't you think we could get her to work on them?

Of course, I'm playing. Or am I?

Either way, I think that if Barack Obama can use his pull as president without really requiring much work (because I do not think that it's important enough for him to make it one of even the top 1,000 priorities for his administration), that he most certainly should.

And I'll tell you what, he'll get a few more votes in those red states in 2012 if he could pull off such a miracle as changing the course of the stodgy and unreasonable BCS, giving us a consensus national champion each year thereafter.