Paul Millsap: Every Game I'm Hustlin'

Shanette SotoCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008


Many people have told me this is one of my best characteristics. I agree, there is no way would I have been a Jazz fan this long without it.

The Jazz just wrapped up a 5 game east coast road trip in which they finished with a 1-4 record. The Jazz have suffered many misfortunes so far this season; they still have not had a complete starting lineup but I keep telling myself, they will get it together, they have to.....

There is that pesky optimism again.

Sometimes I hate it. 

If there were any silver linings on the dark gloomy clouds that followed the short-handed Jazz from city to city, it was the continued hustle and determination through adversity coming from the Jazz bench, headlined by Paul Millsap.

Paul never gives up and unlike Boozer, Millsap always plays defense.

Millsap gets off on blocking shots and getting rebounds, this is exactly what Sloan wants him to do. But Millsap does much more, he brings this crazy energy off the bench, he plays every game like it is his last and he is a beast around the rim but he still doesn't get paid a million per year.

Yes, thats right. Millsap makes less than 1 million per year.  

Probably one of the biggest travesties in the NBA.

Even on the brink of defeat on foreign soil, a band aid under his left eye from the last game and a bloody lip from this game, and a ligament short of falling apart, in essence, he still has enough heart to dive for the ball, falling out of bounds, or jump over two bodies to secure the rebound, after all of that Millsap doesn't head to the bench like most would, he nails two free throws.

But the Jazz still lose this game. At times it looks like Millsap is doing it all by himself.

Paul Millsap, Carl Landry, Leon Powe, Brandon Bass. They all have a couple of things in common.

They all come off the bench to provide that defensive spark, they all are somewhat undersized at their position considering how beastily they play and they are all hustlers for their respective teams at a fraction of the cost. You cant beat the value they bring.  

With Millsap, pound for pound, being the most valuable for the price tag.

Millsap is much more than just a bonafied hustler, he has some major moves around the basket and has worked on his jumper this season, he just keeps getting better and better.

So what happens when Millsap does get his dough??

Would he still be that hustler Jazz fans have grown to love? 

Still to be determined.

But one would bet that either the Jazz or some other team will offer him much more than what he gets paid now.

The Jazz bench is full of hustlers. Those players who do all the blue-collar gritty grinding that must take place in order to compete on the road. 

Some of the Jazz' staple hustlers like Matt Harpring are also injured and have not played much this season but like I said the Jazz bench is plentiful with bangers.

They dont mind getting a black eye if it means Jazz possession.

Who says there aren't any hustlers in Utah???