Alabama Keeps a Firm Grip on the Crystal Slippers: Cinderella season continues.

Ren C.Correspondent INovember 15, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  And yes, the Crimson Tide of Alabama is 11 and zero after they taught the MSU Bulldogs to behave in Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

On a cold night at Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Mississippi State Bulldogs met.  The Bulldogs came in with two wins against the Crimson Tide, and they did put up a fight to make it three.

But Coach Nick Saban rallied the troops and had other plans, as he got up close and personal in several players' faces during a hard fought gridiron match-up.

Teamwork wins football games.  And the Crimson Tide is picking up steam,and like the Iron Horses, the Tide stepped up and steamed on into the history books,tonight at Bryant-Denny.

The glass slipper is in hand as Prince Saban coached his men on to a 32-7 lead over the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. 

With seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter;the Crimson Tide of Alabama still working defense and offsense,no letting down the crimson banner.  Focused,and determined,as the seconds tick off the play clock. 

5:37 on the clock,the fourth quarter winding on down,first and ten Alabama at the 30, with them picking up five yards. Alabama then takes the ball down to the MSU 48.

Bama is letting the clock wind on down, and it's third and four to pick up another first down.  Alabama is running the ball on the ground.  As they continue to meticuliously control the field.  It is First and Ten with 2:17 to go in the ballgame. 

The clock is now under two minutes, as Demetrius Goode gets in his first catch of the year. 

Second and eight, Bama is now third and seven.  Bama looking to make another first down.  McElroy throws to Brad Smelley, first down.  With 39 seconds to go,Alabama controls destiny as it marches up the field and marches time off the clock. 

A Mississppi State Player is down on the field, Jesse Bowman defensive back, No. 94. The Medical Cart comes out to take him off the field.  We wish him well, and pray that he is not injured badly. 

The game continues with Alabama taking the ball to Griffin up the middle to the 23-yard-line.  The clock winds to zero: it's the Crimson Tide of Alabama 32, the Mississippi State Bulldogs 7. 

Eleven and Zero Alabama.  Coach Saban acknowledges the fans,and the Alabama flag hits the field in Celebration.

The party continues in Bryant-Denny Stadium tonight as the Million Dollar Band strikes up the song. 

Yeah, Alabama,Yeah!