WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan's Losing Streak Is Nothing To Worry About

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IAugust 26, 2011

Over the last few weeks, the IWC have been rampantly against the losing streak that Daniel Bryan is on. At SummerSlam, he lost to Wade Barrett. Last week he lost to Alberto Del Rio and tonight on SmackDown he lost to Christian.

Many have questioned Creative's decision to have Bryan lose on the big stage at a pay-per-view and have a subsequent submission loss to Del Rio. I have full confidence that the IWC will find a problem with him losing to Christian. Why? It's logical booking from the WWE's standpoint.

I fully agree that Daniel Bryan could be far greater had the WWE booked him as a submission badass (which they somewhat show on occasion). Had the WWE taken this path, there is no telling where Bryan could be at this point in his career.

However, the WWE have chosen to portray Daniel Bryan as the underdog. Since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase the WWE has continued to go in this direction. 

I assume WWE chose to make Bryan the underdog due to their belief that he doesn't have the "look" to be a big star. Looking at former superstars, this could be true. 

I believe that to the WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan is the underdog. He doesn't have an intimidating look, and he consistently loses. However, he has won Money in the Bank, and says he will cash it in at WrestleMania.

Seemingly this could make for a failure. However the fans are sympathetic to Daniel Bryan and want to see him win.

Yes, his submission loss to Alberto Del Rio and his loss to Christian on the surface are bad. However, they were both terrific matches.

Take tonight's match against Christian. With an experienced veteran, Daniel Bryan was able to showcase his skills.

Don't expect Daniel Bryan to consistently beat main event superstars, as the purpose of these matches is to further legitimise the main eventers. However, expect the WWE Universe to pop huge for Bryan's first world title (possibly WrestleMania 28).

He is losing, but in the process Daniel Bryan is slowly becoming a legitimate superstar in the eyes of WWE fans. He consistently challenges the main event superstars, works fantastic matches, and most importantly retains the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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