Dana White on Henderson, Possibility of Overeem vs. Lesnar, Tito vs. Rich

Cody SlovenskyContributor IIAugust 26, 2011

This morning, Dana White took part in a live chat with fans on the UFC Ustream channel. While most fans asked him random questions, White answered the main ones.

When asked about the possibility of Overeem vs. Lesnar in the future, the UFC president stated: "Lesnar versus Overeem? Possibly. We have been in talks with the Golden Glory management, and it looks as if we may be able to do business." 

With that being said, this could be the possibility of a major box office draw. If Overeem were to win, it would also make his name huge in America. That isn't saying that Overeem doesn't have a big name in America as it is, but he could become a bigger draw than he already is.

Keep your eyes and ears open for an Overeem vs. Lesnar matchup in the future. 

Dana also stated that he has recently begun talks with Dan Henderson. That's all that he really said about it. However, if they are in talks, that means that the UFC is interested.

To inform everyone now, Henderson will not fight Anderson Silva on the UFC card that will be on FOX. 

Dana also stated that he likes the idea of Tito Ortiz vs. Rich Franklin. This is a fight that makes tons of sense for both men. They have both accomplished a lot in the UFC and a fight between the two would be tons of fun. 

Those are just a few points that were made in his Ustream video.

Needless to say, it appears that there are big things in the works for the UFC. Dana said that they should have booked a larger arena due to 350,000 people wanting tickets and all the UFC had lined up was a 14,000-seat arena.

That is just a small rundown from what was said in his Q&A.

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