Saturday Night Magic: UFC 91 Is Set Up To Be "The Grandaddy Of Them All"

Chase RuttigCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

Well this is set up to be one of the hundred blogs about UFC 91, specificly about Brock Lesnar, the ex-WWE wrestler and Minnesota Golden Gopher who is been pegged once again "The Next Big Thing" of a sports enterprise, and Randy "The Natural" Couture, the plus forty, UFC legend who has dominated some of the greatest fighters of all time. These two freight trains are set to collide at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas tonight and I will break down the main event as well as the rest of the card. So without further endue let's get on with the preview.

(Weight Classes in brackets)

Matt Brown vs. Ryan Thomas(170)

Well like most of the fights on this card besides the main event this one features two unknowns, for some reason I feel that UFC is holding back for the December 27th card. This really helps these lesser-known fighters to make a name for themselves on the biggest UFC card of all time.  I see Ryan Thomas winning this fight by unanimous decision using his mixture of wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu to score a win and showing the huge audience what he's got.

Winner: Ryan Thomas

Alvin Robinson vs. Mark Bocek(155)

Yet another fight that would be better suited on Ultimate Fight Night. I see Alvin Robinson beating the UFC newcomer Bocek with a TKO.

Winner: Alvin Robinson

Jeremy Stephens vs. Rafael Dos Anjos(155)

Well finally a fight where I am familar with one of the fighters. Rafael continues the stereotype of Latin Jiu-Jitsu disciplined fighters in the UFC and is a young gun at only 24 years of age, well Stephens is even younger at 22 and is an Ultimite Fighter Alum who lost to Spencer Fisher in the Rampage vs. Forrest Ultimate Finale, he has both Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu in his repertoire and should score the win in an exciting bout between two of the UFC's up and comers.

Winner: Jeremy Stephens

Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley(155)

Well these two are veterans in the MMA world and this fight should go to the judges. Riley has been in the sport for along time and is well travelled, with 47 fights under his belt. Well Gurgel is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, but does not shy away from striking. This will be a fast paced affair with the win likely going to Gurgel

Winner: Jorge Gurgel

Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory(170)

This is a fight that will definitley be stopped by the referee, as McCrory can strike with the best of them, but he needs to watch out for Hazelets submission prowress as he is a master in Jiu-Jitsu. I see Tamden McCrory scoring the knockout,

Winner: Tamdan McCrory

Nate Quarry vs. Damien Maia(185)

This should be an interesting bout as Maia is taking his undefeated record into this bout and I think that he will extend his winning streak to ten with a win off Nate Quarry.

Winner: Damien Maia

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Josh Hendricks(Heavyweight)

Well now this is where the fights finally get interesting my friend as the guy who Randy Couture fought in his last title defence squares off against Josh Hendricks. Look for Gonzaga to use his Jiu-Jitsu to score a submission win over Hendricks. The winner of this match should be in line for the next title defence of the winner of Couture-Lesnar.

Winner: Gabriel Gonzaga

Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson(155)

Okay Joe Stevenson is a legend with 42 fights under his belt, but once you hit that 40 fight range your skills start to slip(see Lidell, Chuck Ortiz, Tito) so I see the much younger Florian upsetting the UFC vet in one of his last fights,

Winner: Kenny Florian

And Now For Our Main Event:

Randy "The Natural Couture vs. Brock Lesnar(Heavyweight Title Bout)

Okay this fight has been broken down thousands of times since it was announced, but a preview is not complete without the main event. Randy Couture got in the game late and is the biggest enigma in MMA today, he is in his mid forties and some say he is the favourite in this match. Well on the other side Brock Lesnar also is getting in the game late after a hugely popular stint in the WWE he has came over to the UFC and after a roadblock in his first fight, which he dominated all the way, he his in for the biggest fight of his life against a sure-fire UFC Hall of Famer in Randy Couture.

The biggest question in this fight is if Randy Couture can withstand the barrage of powerful strikes that Lesnar can give out at anytime. I thinke he can, but it seems he is overmatched in every aspect of this bout; size, speed, wrestling, you name it.

He does have the advantage of experience, but I see Lesnar winner this fight and earning his hype tonight.

Winner: Brock Lesnar