The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at WrestleMania, Part 5

Ryan SzAnalyst IIAugust 26, 2011

The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at WrestleMania, Part 5

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    Well, it's that time again. This is a special edition of the "Grandest Stage" series, a double-sized edition with 20 entries.

    If you guys end up liking this format, then I will finish the list out with 20-men lists until the final entry will be the top 10.

    Also, please read the note in the first wrestler entry as it will explain some changes that had to be made due to a mistake on my part. Please enjoy.

The Point System

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    In order to get the rankings, I created a point system that would give a clear description of why the wrestler is ranked the way that they are. Also note that I considered main event matches and title matches separately, but if a wrestler was in a main event that was also a title match, they got points for both the only case where a wrestler gets points in two categories at once.

    Fight in WM = two points; this is the participation award since it is difficult for a wrestler to make it.

    WrestleMania, so by having a regular non title match, but not winning it, they get two points.

    Win in WM = five point; this is simple enough, you win your non-title match, you get five points.

    Fight in MITB = five points; since there could be multiple wrestlers in the MITB match a wrestler gets five points for participation.

    Win in MITB = 15 pts; with how difficult it is to win the MITB the wrestler who does win gets a nice bump in points by getting 15.

    Fight in European/tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = five pts (title level one)

    Win in tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 10 pts

    Fight in IC/US/ECW title match = 10 pts (title level two)

    Win in IC/US/ECW title match = 15 pts

    Fight in world title match =15 pts

    Win in world title match = 20 pts

    Fight in main event = 20 pts; the biggest honor a wrestler can have bestowed upon them is being able to wrestle in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

    Win in main event = 25 pts; the biggest accomplishment a wrestler can have at Wrestlemania, only to be topped if it's also a title match, or the wrestler somehow finds a way to break the Undertaker's streak.

    Fights ending in a no contest or draw are counted as a win for both competitors.

    Fights ending in double DQ or countout count as a loss for both competitors.


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    If more than one wrestler has the same amount of points, I have ranked them according to the following tiebreakers.

    1. Win/Loss record

    2. If that is the same, then the wrestler with more high-profile matches (title or main events) gets the bump up in ranking.

    3. If the wrestlers are still tied up to this point, then they are just going to be ranked alphabetically.

No. 117 Bart Gunn

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: XI, XV,

    Grade: D+

    *writer's note* After going over my list, I realized that I had made a slight error with Bart Gunn, accidentally typing in the wrong score. So for so, that he would have been placed at No. 117 on this list with everyone in front of him being bumped up one spot. My bad.

    As far as Bart's Wrestlemania appearances go, he may have had a tag title match with Billy Gunn in a losing effort against the odd pairing of Owen Hart and Yokozuna.

    But Bart is most known for being in a legitimate boxing match against super heavyweight Eric Esch better known as Butterbean.

    I gotta give Bart credit for taking a man like Butterbean on in a fight style that he is deadly at, even though he lasted less than a minute before being knocked out.

No. 100 Val Venis

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 12

    WrestleManias in: XV, X-Seven

    Grade: D+

    We have No. 100 next with Val Venis who has two Wrestlemanias under his belt.

    The first appearance was a four-corners elimination match for the Intercontinental against Goldust, Ken Shamrock and Road Dogg Jessie James, which he ended up losing.

    His last appearance was as part of Right to Censor as they took on the A.P.A. and Tazz in another losing effort.

No. 99 the Barbarian

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    Record: 1-2

    Points: 12

    WrestleManias in: V, VI, VII

    Grade: C-

    The Barbarian is up next with three straight WrestleMania appearances.

    His first was a match for the tag titles where the Warlord and he lost to Demolition.

    His next match was a win against Tito Santana.

    This would be followed with a loss against the Rockers in a tag match.

No. 98 & No. 97the Nasty Boys

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    Record: 1-1 each

    Points: 12 each

    WrestleManias in: VII, VIII

    Grade: B-

    The Nasty Boys are up next with two straight WrestleManias.

    Their first WrestleMania was in a match for the tag titles which the Nasty Boys won by beating one of the best tag teams ever in the Hart Foundation.

    The next year, they would join the Repo Man and the Mountie in a losing effort against the Big Boss Man, Virgil, Sgt. Slaughter and Jim Duggan.

No. 96 Sheamus

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 12

    WrestleManias in: XXVI, XXVII

    Grade: C-

    Sheamus is another young wrestler who is sure to be moving up on this list barring any unforeseen injuries or accidents.

    He has been in the past two WrestleManias with a match against Triple H which led to Triple H being off screen for most of the year.

    His most recent match was a US title lumberjack match against Daniel Bryan which went to no contest as the lumberjacks attacked both men.

No. 95 & No. 94 the Bushwackers

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    Record: 2-1

    Points: 12

    WrestleManias in: V, VIII, X

    Grade: C-

    Luke and Butch are up next with three WrestleMania performances.

    Their first was a win against the Fabulous Rougeaus at WrestleMania V.

    They followed that up with a win against the Beverly Brothers in a tag match at WrestleMania VIII but then lost their match against the Heavenly Bodies.

No. 93 Dynamite Kid

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    Record: 1-2

    Points: 14

    WrestleManias in: II, III, IV

    Grade: C-

    The Dynamite Kid is next with three performances in a row at WrestleMania.

    His first appearance was as part of the British Bulldogs where they would beat Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake in a tag title match.

    They would then lose against the Hart Foundation and Danny Davis in a six-man tag match with Tito Santana followed up by a loss to the Islanders and Bobby Heenan.

No. 92 Haku

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    Record: 1-3

    Points 14

    WrestleManias in: IV, V, VI, VII

    Grade: D+

    Haku is up next with four straight Wrestlemania matches.

    His first was a six-man tag match with Bobby Heenan as they beat the British Bulldogs and Koko B Ware.

    His next two matches included a loss to Hercules as well as a loss to Demolition in a tag title match with Andre the Giant.

    His last Wrestlemania appearance would be in a tag match with the Barbarian as they would end up losing to the Rockers.

No. 91 Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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    Record: 2-2

    Points: 14

    WrestleManias in: IV, V, VI, VIII

    Grade: C

    Hacksaw is up next with an even 2-2 record at WrestleMania. His first match was a loss to Ted Dibiase in the first round of the world title tournament at Wrestlemania IV.

    He followed this up with a match with Bad News Brown which ended in double DQ.

    He would then go on to beat Dino Bravo at the following year's WrestleMania and would be part of the winning team of an eight-man man tag match at WrestleMania VIII.

No. 90 Hercules

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    Record: 1-5

    Points: 15

    WrestleManias in: II, III, IV, V, VI, VII


    With six straight WrestleManias, Hercules really ran the gauntlet when it came to competition. Of his five losses, they were to Ricky Steamboat, the Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake and the Legion of Doom.

    His other loss was a double countout against Billy Jack Hayne, and his sole win was against Haku.

No. 89 Kofi Kingston

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    Record: 1-2

    Points: 15

    WrestleManias in: XXV, XXVI, XXVII

    Grade: C

    Kofi is next with three matches. His first two were Money in the Bank matches where he put on some spectacular spots.

    His most recent match was part of an eight-man tag match with the Big Show, Kane and Santino Marella against the Corre.

    Kofi has a chance of moving up the list as it seems the WWE has renewed faith in him with his recent tag title win with Evan Bourne so we have to play the waiting game to see what happens next in his career.

No. 88 Test

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    Record: 1-2

    Points: 15

    Wrestlemanias in: XV, 2000, X-Seven

    Grade: C-

    Test is next with three back-to-back performances.

    His first was a tag title match as he teamed with D'Lo Brown against Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett.

    He then faced Al Snow and Steve Blackman as part of T&A.

    His final performance was in a European title match where he lost the title to Eddie Guerrero.

No. 87 the Iron Shiek

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    Record: 2-0

    Points: 15

    WrestleManias in: I, III

    Grade: B-

    The Iron Sheik has a perfect record at WrestleMania with his first match being at the inaugural WrestleMania where Nikolai Volkoff and he beat the U.S. Express for the tag titles.

    He would then appear at WrestleMania III again with Volkoff whre they would win by DQ against the Killer Bees.

No. 86 Scotty 2 Hotty

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    Record: 2-0

    Points: 15

    WrestleManias in: 2000, XX

    Grade: B-

    Scotty is next with two matches against some stiff competition. His first was with Chyna and Grand Master Sexay as they would beat the Radicalz in a six-man tag match.

    He would then team with Rikishi and defend the tag titles in a four-way match against the World's Greatest Tag Team, the Basham Brothers and the APA.

No. 85 Shane McMahon

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    Record: 2-0

    Points: 15

    Wrestlemanias in: XV, X-Seven

    Grade: B-

    Shane O'Mac is No. 85 with two matches at WrestleMania—the first was when he defended his European title against bitter rival X-Pac.

    His last match would be a street fight against his father Vince in what would lead into the Invasion angle.

No. 84 Terry Funk

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    Record: 2-0

    Points: 15

    Wrestlemanias in: II, XIV

    Grade: B-

    Hardcore legend Terry Funk has made quite an impression on the wrestling landscape, WrestleMania being no different.

    His first appearance at Wrestlemania II with Dory Funk Jr. was a tag match as they beat the Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana.

    His last appearance was years later where, as Chainsaw Charlie, teamed with Cactus Jack as they would shock everyone by beating the New Age Outlaws in a dumpster match for the tag titles.

No. 83 the Mountie

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    Record: 1-4

    Points: 16

    WrestleManias in: III, V, VII, VIII, X

    Grade: D

    The Mountie finishes off this edition with a 1-4 record.

    His first two matches at WrestleMania were as part of the Fabulous Rougeaus—both being losses.

    He then would beat Tito Santana as the Mountie but follow that up with a loss in an eight-man tag match.

    He would the lose the tag titles in controversial fashion to Men on a Mission by countout at Wrestlemania X.

No. 82 Finlay

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    Record: 0-3

    Points: 17

    Wrestlemanias in: 22, 23, XXIV, XXV

    Grade: D

    Finlay ends this edition with four straight WrestleManias.

    The first two were as part of the Money in the Bank match, where he was used as fodder for the upper level wrestlers in the match.

    His final Wrestlemania appearance was in a Belfast Brawl against JBL which he lost as well.

    His last appearance was again as part of the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania XXV.