The 50 Things in Sports We Could Live Without

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIAugust 26, 2011

The 50 Things in Sports We Could Live Without

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    When you hear about the BCS or the lockout or even possibly that your favorite team is creating a special holiday themed uniform, what is the first thing you think to yourself?

    That is so unnecessary

    From ridiculous rules to the food and fans surrounding every sport, there are just somethings everyone would be much happier to live without.

    So here is a list of 50 things sports fans could live without.

No. 50 High Price Concessions

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    What goes better with any sporting event than an ice cold beverage and greasy concessions food, right?

    However, paying for these delicious items costs an arm and a leg if you're paying for them in the stadium. Those prices are something everyone could live without. 

No. 49 the Wave

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    This was at one time a fun crowd coordination move that got the fans up out of their seats, but now it has just become stale and annoying, especially when people keep it going during the actual game. 

No. 48 NBA Players High Fiving After Every Free Throw

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    Ok, we get it these guys are nervous and their teammates are trying to pump them up, but this little spirit raising move adds time onto the game and really doesn't improve their focus or their luck of getting the ball in the basket. 

No. 47 Expensive Fly over Ads

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    You're watching a game, and then suddenly you look up and what do you see?

    A plane carrying a hard to read sign behind it, or even possibly the Good Year blimp. 

    While these things don't really take away from the game at hand, sports fans every where wouldn't be crushed if they were no longer there. 

No. 46 Overly Rule Happy Referees

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    While it's one thing for refs to keep a watchful eye on the game they are officiating over, it's another when they begin calling every little minor offense or possible offense they see.

    Just let the game be played. 

No. 45 Skip Bayless Catchphrases

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    While not an overly annoying or pushy sports commentator and sports show host, Skip Bayless has some pretty passe and now increasingly irritating catchphrases most people could live without hearing anymore.   

No. 44 the Coin Toss

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    Really this just seems to be an out dated and archaic way to decide who gets to be where on the field first. What fans could really do without is the hype and analysis of what the outcome of the coin toss means.  

No. 43 Diving in Soccer

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    Diving, especially in goal, is an important tool in soccer. However, it seems to be used far to often and in the wrong circumstances, so maybe it would be best if players just stopped doing it all together. 

No. 42 Grantland Rice

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    While I personally love his writing style, many fans feel that Grantland's long, wordy, prose have no place in the world of sports, and they're something the world could do without. 

No. 41 Baseball Managers in Uniforms

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    While this rule has now become a long standing tradition in the game of baseball, it just seems a bit silly to have the managers, who aren't playing in the game, have to wear the same uniform as the players.

No. 40 an Overload of Graphics in Stadiums and Arenas

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    Why do fans travel to sports stadiums and arenas? To watch a game of course.

    So it is a little unnecessary how many flashy graphics and ads bombard fans in these places, when really all they want to do is watch the game in front of them. 

No. 39 Slider the Talking Baseball on FOX

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    While a sort of funny little character, this is for sure something baseball fans everywhere could live without seeing for a while.  

No. 38 Obsession over New Player Tattoos

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    Between fans running out to get replicas of their favorite sports stars new tattoos and the unnecessary analysis done about the tattoos when sports casters seem to have nothing else to talk about, this is something most fans could live without hearing about...ever.  

No. 37 Joe Theismann Annoncing

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    He used a lot of empty words and never really added anything to the conversation when he was announcing or analyzing a game.

No. 36 the Football Huddle

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    This really becomes something fans could live without when players go to the huddle immediately after meeting with their coach. 

    This measure just seems to add time onto the game, instead of actually helping the team execute a play any better. 

No. 35 Suspending NBA Players for Leaving the Bench

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    This becomes something fans definitely don't want to see when all their team's benched players do is stand up and start walking over to their teammate who has been fouled badly or given a ridiculous and unfair call. 

No. 34 MMA Judges

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    They just never seem to be able to score the match right. 

No. 33 No Offsides or Goal-Line Technology in Soccer

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    It's available for the goalline in hockey, but why not soccer? 

    Soccer fans would like it much better if they would live without the uncertainty provided by a lack of replay technology. 

No. 32 TBS Baseball Playoff Coverage

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    While it's nice that TBS is trying to be fans one stop shop for the MLB playoffs, they've really dropped the ball in doing so.

No. 31 Stuart Scott

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    He may have good insight into a lot of things in the sports world, but all of those catchphrases of his stopped being funny a long time ago.  

No. 30 Northeast Team Games Pushed by ESPN

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    This is especially true for baseball coverage. The sports media giant seems to play games from the Red Sox, Mets and Yankees mostly on its network.  

No. 29 NFL-Style Overtime

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    You know, the kind where only one team gets to touch the ball?

    Seems kind of pointless for fans to watch this kind of overtime, and I'm sure most could go on living knowing it wasn't in use anymore. 

No. 28 off Week Before the Super Bowl

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    Just kind of throws you off like the season is over, but it isn't yet. 

No. 27 Fist Pump/Kissing Cam

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    It's great if that's you up on the jumbo tron, but otherwise sports fans really couldn't care less about the fist pump/kissing/insert other ridiculous activity cams that sports arenas seem to love to use. 

No. 26 Ugly Holiday Themed Uniforms

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    That's great that teams decide to play on the holidays to give their fans something to watch with their families, but wearing a hideous holiday themed uniform isn't going to make them play any better or make anymore people watch.  

No. 25 Large Playoffs Patches

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    Going along with the ugly holiday themed uniforms, when teams where giant playoff patches on their hats or jerseys, it's not super attractive nor is it vital to the game.

    We know you made the playoffs, we see you playing in the game. 

No. 24 the Half-Time Interview

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    These interviews really never provide any useful information, and the coaches are usually walking briskly away from the reporter so it's kind of hard to hear what they're saying about how the first half went. 

No. 23 Chris Berman

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    Way too wordy of a commentator. Fans could do without a lot of the input he provides.  

No. 22 Ken Harrelson

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    If everyone were a White Sox enthusiast like this guy, his commentary would be fine, but were not so it's annoying to hear him cheering for his own team when he's supposed to be impartial.

No. 21 the Penalty Box

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    Does being sent to the penalty box really teach hockey players any kind of lesson?

    No not really, kind of a pointless consequence, why not just send them back to their bench and make their team play a man down?

No. 20 the Designated Hitter

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    This is kind of a pointless rule, especially since it's not accepted by all major baseball associations.

No. 19 Sideline Reporters

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    Do these guys really add that much more coverage or inside perspective to any game?

    Not really, and they just seem to always be in the way or hassling a coach for a quick interview between quarters when the coach doesn't have anything to say.

No. 18 The Ceremonial First Pitch

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    The ceremonial first pitch is a tradition in baseball, but do fans need to see it happen before every single game?

No. 17 Extra Point in Football

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    This is basically a gimme point added onto a touchdown.

    Is it vital to the game as we know it? No, so why not do away with it, or possibly make it more challenging so teams actually earn the extra point.

No. 16 The Tuck Rule

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    This rule was written as a way to clarify when it should be considered a fumble or an incomplete pass, but really all it did was make things a little more confusing and a lot harder to call.

No. 15 Off Sides in Hockey

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    As far as playing surfaces go, the hockey rink is relatively small, so is there really any need for offsides?

    If there are too many people on one side all it would most likely do is make it harder to find the puck.

No. 14 NCAA Tax Exemption

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    The NCAA makes tons and tons of money off of its student athletes, which the athletes don't see any part of. So why do they get a tax exemption? 

No. 13 Being Able to Call a Timeout to Avoid a Situation

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    Things would be so much more interesting if teams just let unsavory situations play out. For all they know that could have been a season best play for them.

No. 12 Huge Pre/Post Game Coverage Teams

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    Fans would rather hear from a handful of really good sports reporters about a game then a ton of people covering anything and everything having something to do with the game.

    It gets really confusing when there are too many people from the same team all going in different directions covering the event.

No. 11 Television Timeouts

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    Why does the game need to stop for commercials? Why don't they play them during the real timeouts instead?

No. 10 Ridiculous Player Contracts

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    Everyone knows these players are very talented, which is why they have become professional athletes.

    But does everyone want to hear about how they hold out for millions more dollars per year or have to have certain perks written into their contracts? Not really.

No. 9 Lame Halftime Shows

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    Crowds need to be entertained while waiting during halftime, but could it please be just a little more exciting than the local high school marching band or a silly competition where only one or two fans win prizes?

No. 8 Multiple Timeouts Limit in Last Two Minutes of NBA Play

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    If there were limits, it might not take 30 minutes to play two minutes of game time.

No. 7 Soccer Players Going to Ref for Foull

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    When a player is given a red or yellow card in soccer, they have to walk over to the ref and stand there while the ref holds up the card and announces the penalty.

    That just ads on time to the game and seems kind of pointless.

No. 6 No Playoffs in College Football

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    Everyone loves a good playoff game, and it really shows who in the league deserves to go to a bowl game.

    Fans everywhere could live without the absence of these in the NCAA.

No. 5 7th Inning Stretch Festivites

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    Are these really necessary? They're usually not all that entertaining and they take up time people could be watching baseball.

No. 4 College Football Powerhouses Playing Weak Teams

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    These matchups are usually scheduled first in a team's lineup, and are the ones people try to sell their tickets to or go for only a quarter or two before leaving from bordem.

No. 3 Relief Pitchers Warming Up in Bullpen Then on Mound

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    Doesn't it seem like relief pitchers spend more time warming up than actually playing?

No. 2 Lockouts

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    Pretty self explanatory.

    Fans just want to see the game, not have to watch to see if their will be a season all while hearing about how players, who get paid millions to begin with, want more money.

No. 1 BCS System

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    This system just doesn't make any sense when it come to deciding who is playing who in which bowl.

    The BCS should really be replaced with a playoff system, which would be far more accurate and exciting.