College Football Line Moves for Week 12, 11/15/08

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer INovember 15, 2008

Well it's my favorite day of the week during my favorite time of the year and while we don't have too many of these left this year, we are going to cherish the ones that we have left.

It's been another great season of college football and here we are with just a few weeks left and we have at least 10 teams claiming to have a shot at the National Title. While many have stumbled along the way, they have been fortunate that others have followed in their footsteps and stumbled as well—we'll have to see how this all shakes out in the end.

I know that it's been tough sledding for a lot as far as picking the games, but we usually have at least a few that seem to get it done every week in the free picking contest. You can still get in for one of the last ones of the year and be all set for the future as well by signing up for free, but I am also on planning on having a Bowl game picking contest with multiple prize winners, some of which will be the new T-shirts which are going to be released in the next few weeks. These are truly exciting times.

The chat room has been a major success and is getting better every game. I think everything that happens here this year is just laying the foundation for everything that's going to happen in the years to come.

All of the changes you have seen have all come from suggestions I received either in the forums or by email, by all means keep them coming along with all of the questions and comments. It's pretty amazing that we've grown from 134 weekly viewers to 10,000 a day since just September, Jordan and I are truly humbled and thankful for everyone who makes this place the success it is and it's really all of you.

I any event we have a lot of football to play today and we've been watching the lines like a hawk. There has been a lot of movement and we're ready to once again pounce on the skewed public perception.

We would like to personally thank all of the media who pumped up Wyoming for beating Tennessee and for making the spread very easily beatable by UNLV in their Thursday tilt with Wyoming as we read through all of that hype  and saw the numbers 120, as in the 120th ranked scoring defense in the country for the Cowboys. The opportunities won't end there. Let's take a look at what other recent events have done to the lines.


Duke is +10 1/2 at Clemson after opening at +10 1/2. The win at BC just can't convince the public who were burned by the Tigers earlier this season.


Illinois is +10 against Ohio State after opening at +7 1/2. The Illini have been on again off again as the Buckeyes look to get revenge for last years loss.


Purdue is +18 1/2 at Iowa after opening at +14. The Hawkeyes got a lot of ink this week after last weeks thrilling win over Penn State.


Georgia is -10 after opening at -7 1/2 at Auburn. Auburn hasn't seemed to get it together this year and with this one and the Iron Bowl still on the schedule the heat is on.

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