More Proof WWE Is Prejudiced Against Asians

Ronnie BryceCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

Here's a follow up to my original article on how I thought WWE was biased against Asian Pacific stars.

If anyone doubted the validity of my points before, I hope the following only further cements the mentality towards asian pacific wrestlers in WWE.


'Following the news of Lena Yada's departure from World Wrestling Entertainment, a number of fans speculated online that Yada was being let go as a result of the recent hiring of former TNA Knockout Gail Kim, who is of course Asian, too. As it turns out, the speculation appears to be correct.

According to one source, as soon as WWE signed Gail Kim (who is indeed under contract to the company), both Vince and Stephanie McMahon felt there was no reason to have Yada on the roster anymore since "they looked too much alike."

There you have it.

Could someone please tell me how WWE is not prejudiced if they go around thinking they cant have two female stars in their organization because they look too much alike.

Oh I see all asian look alike right?

I cant believe in today's day and age the statements from Stephanie and Vince could even come out of their mouths. Wow talk about prejudice. Imagine if WWE feels this way about all nationalities?

Chavo would have never been signed because he looks too much like Eddie Guerrero. No it's apparent this prejudice and narrow mindeness is only directed towards the pacific asian's of the wrestling world. God forbid you have two people who look similar.

You can have 30 divas who all look the same with numerous implants  and fake blonde extensions,, but if you have two asian girls who have a similar look, well your over diversifying aren't you WWE?

You know I dont buy the "they look too much alike" plain and simple.

No it was because Gail Kim and Yada are both Asian, and WWE thinks they look alike because in WWE's eyes all pacific Asians look alike. I see how it works.

If your two Canadian boys who both have long blonde hair, and wear oversized sunglasses, you wont get told you look too much alike and have to sign one or the other. Now if your Edge and Christian, WWE will sign both of you and let you look alike and push you as main event tag team stars in the early 2000's.

Bravo, WWE you just yourself back by about 40 years.  I sure hope WWE doesnt have a legends battle royal at Wrestlemania 25. If your WWE and you put Mr. Fuji and Ricky Streamboat in the ring at the same time, Vince and Stephanie wont be able to tell them apart because they too look too much alike.