Boise State 'Brings the Hammer' with Their New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

Chad ScottCorrespondent IIAugust 25, 2011

Boise State will be sporting all white uniforms, designed by Nike, in the Chick-Fil-A Kick-Off game against Georgia in Atlanta on September 3rd. Nike unveiled their Pro Combat uniform for Boise Sate on August 25th, and they look sharp. 

The uniform includes an all-white helmet, a color which Boise State has never worn as a Division I football team. The color scheme of the helmet is the opposite of what we saw last year, but is considerably more polished in white, as the Bronco logo wraps around the left side of the helmet in blue and has an orange eye to finish it off. Thankfully, it doesn't include a gaudy strip down the front of the helmet, as we see in the Georgia Nike Pro Combat uniform.  

Moving down, the jersey is similar to the Boise State normal white uniforms, minus the blue triangles that jut from their armpits and the numbers are outlined in silver and not orange. BOISE STATE is emblazoned in orange across the front above the numbers.

The collar design is much like last year's Nike-provided uniforms, with the Bronco logo in a shield on the tip of the collar. A blue sleeve with a white bronco on the right shoulder provides the Boise State logo on the right side of the uniform, since it is absent from the right side of the helmet.

The finishing touch is the undershirt, which fades from blue to white as it moves down the arm, complimenting the jersey and providing a very clean look. 

For the legs, the Broncos will sport all-white pants with "BRONCOS" in blue lettering running up and down the sides. The padding will have the signature Nike "armor plate" look to it, and a small orange Nike swoosh on the right hip adds a bit more color to the front.

For the socks, it looks like Nike stuck with the standard Bronco blue sock with an orange Nike logo. This works, because it allows for the uniform to not be a total whitewash like some teams like to do.

As for the cleats, a subtle blue undertone in the design matches perfectly with the bright orange toe as it fades to blue toward the heel.

Finally, in what is arguably the coolest part of the uniform, the players will sport white gloves with blue and orange palms. When the player puts their hands together, it creates the Boise State logo in blue and white with an orange background. Though this has been done before with other teams like Alabama and Oregon, these look especially cool since they use the BSU logo instead of a letter.

So when Boise State rolls into Atlanta this year, they will once again be very well-dressed for their game. The team will hope to be as polished in their play, as Georgia will be looking to soil those spiffy Bronco uniforms in this matchup.

Check out this video for the full picture.