Pistons-Lakers: L.A. Undefeated No More as Detroit Dominates, 106-95

Anthony OrlandoCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

It was as if, maybe just for this one night, every problem the naysayers saw in the Detroit Pistons went away. 

The chemistry? It was as if Allen Iverson played with the Pistons his whole career. 

Rasheed Wallace not being the same player anymore? The man looked like he was in the prime of his career tonight. 

The Los Angeles Lakers (7-1) are the best team in the NBA by far and are undefeated? Well, they're not undefeated anymore, and the Pistons (7-2) looked like the best team in the NBA on this night downing the Lakers 106-95. 

Of course, one game is one game. 

The first quarter was a close one, with the Lakers absolutely dominating the Pistons on the offensive glass. The Pistons went into half time with a nine point lead. 

The second half was all Pistons. 

The dominance of Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom in the first half, disappeared. At least ten offensive boards in the first half, turned into two in the second half. 

In fact, by the time the second half rolled around, the Pistons looked like the fresher team, though they played a grueling game against the Golden State Warriors the night before, and the Lakers had the night off. 

One game is one game though. 

Kobe Bryant put up his usual point total, but did not shoot particularly well as the Pistons sent multiple defenders at him all night. 

The Pistons three guard set, though a distinct size advantage for the Lakers, proved to be a plus for the Pistons. The hustle, the speed, and the outside shooting abilities, left the Lakers bigs dizzy. 

The Lakers are still clearly one of the best teams in the league. And the Pistons clearly are still a team finding themselves. 

But for tonight, find themselves they did. And if this is a sign of what the Pistons will play like the longer A.I. has to gel with his team, the Pistons will start commanding the respect of being one of the best teams in the NBA again too. 

Tonight certainly opened some eyes. 

One game is one game though. 


Up next: The Pistons have an off day on Saturday and will conclude their West Coast swing Sunday against the Phoenix Suns. 

The Lakers, on the other hand, have three days off, not playing again until Tuesday at home against Chicago. 


Stat leaders

Kobe Bryant: 29 points on 12 of 30 shooting in 39 minutes. Six assists, five rebounds. 

Allen Iverson: 25 points on seven of 12 shooting in 41 minutes. Four rebounds, four assists, four steals. 

Rasheed Wallace: 25 points on eight of 15 shooting in 39 minutes. Four of nine beyond the arch.