Georgia Bulldogs Football: Your Boise State Trash Talk Cheat Sheet

Andrew HallCorrespondent IIIAugust 25, 2011

Mark Richt does not endorse any of these statements.
Mark Richt does not endorse any of these statements.

With the Bulldogs matchup with Boise State inching ever closer, conversation and trash talk is heating up.  As a Bulldogs fan it is imperative to stand your ground while offering logical rebuttals and poignant insults to Boise State fans. 

When in doubt here are some great areas to fall back on:

The Blue Field:

Boise State fans take great pride in the monstrosity that is Bronco Stadium’s blue turf.  Offer a backhanded compliment that attacks the playing surface as well as the general demeanor of BSU football by saying something like, “I think it’s great that you guys love that blue turf so much.  It reminds me of my rebellious teenage years.  I thought I knew everything so I defiled the traditions that my family had set before me.  It was a wild time.  I really regret it.  Hey, maybe you guys will grow out of it soon!”

Or even a short, “Hey you know that field is an embarrassment to the game of football, right?”

The Weak Schedule:

Boise State fans defend their schedules with vigor and always take a “people are scared to play us" stance.

Offer up some relevant relief: “Wow, I’m so glad that Georgia could drop everything and re-schedule several games to play you guys.  I was afraid we’d miss the opportunity.  I tell you what, when a team like Boise State comes knocking, you make it happen!”

The Smurf will probably offer an anti-UGA comment.  Respond with, “It must be nice to know that the hardest game on your schedule is against an SEC team that had a losing record last season.  Tough schedule.”

The Magic of Boise

Boise State fans love to embrace the concept of lowly recruits coming to Boise and excelling for four years before disappearing into non-NFL obscurity.

“So how exactly are Boise players so good when nobody thought they would be great coming out of high school and nobody thinks they are coming out of college?  Seriously, explain it to me without using the word ‘magic.’”

The Struggles against the SEC

Feel free to cut to the chase: “Hey what is Boise State’s record against SEC teams?”  Not that it will matter, Boise State fans have a revisionist history that ignores everything prior to 2006. 

Go for the Jugular

“Remember the Nevada game last year?  I’m glad to know that your kicker this year is actually worse than the one that started last year.  Should bode for some special teams brilliance.”

So what are your favorite one-liners?  What are some shots you'd like to take at Boise State fans?