LSU: A Decline in Quality Fans

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

This weekend, LSU will host Troy State in a game that was rescheduled due to Hurricane Gustav. It is Homecoming for the Tigers, and LSU is a 19.5-point favorite.

The Trojans of Troy State are 6-3, with the three losses coming from Ohio State, Oklahoma State and UL-Monroe.

Although the Tigers will likely win, the Trojans are not to be taken lightly but it is not the game itself that concerns me, it is the LSU fans.

The #20 ranked Tigers are also 6-3 with losses coming from Florida, Georgia and Alabama. With a BCS game out of the question, the Tigers will more than likely be playing in the Cotton Bowl which is a SEC vs Big 12 match up. Although it is not a BCS bowl, I am excited about the idea of LSU playing against one of the Big 12 schools, however; many LSU fans are giving up on the Tigers.

Growing up a LSU fan, I always took pride in the tradition that surrounded our football program. Tailgating, the Golden Band from Tiger Land, and the fact that LSU is one of a few schools to have a live mascot on campus. Game days was always more than just the game, but winning has attracted many bandwagon fans and have spoiled younger fans who don’t remember the Curley Hallman days.

Today I came across a season ticket holder who was giving his tickets away because he was tired of sitting by people who boo the quarterback and yell as if the LSU team guaranteed them they would win the game.

Going into the season, a reasonable fan knew LSU was not going to be championship team this year. It has been stated time and time against that the Tigers were inexperienced at the quarterback position and many team leaders from 2007 graduated. On the other hand, there are the fans who expect their team to win every game. When times are bad, these people are calling into radio shows, posting on message boards and holding conversations that equal the sound of someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard.

College football is a game played by guys in the age range of 18-22 and who are not playing the game for a living. While some will say these guys have many perks, it is in no way worth the amount others are profiting from them, Do you think ESPN is bidding $125 million for five bowl games just because they want to? Not hardly.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas during football season? There are a few dollars going around Vegas that are never seen by the college players who are risking their physical health so that handicappers and odds makers can have a job.

So what is my point? My point is that LSU fans have shown a lack of loyalty towards their team. There was a day that LSU fans were just happy to go out and have a good time and support the Tigers.

While these guys are giving it their all while everyone is profiting from them, it would be nice to at least have a supportive fan base every year, and not just the 11-2 seasons.

It is embarrassing, but overall LSU fans are becoming classless jackasses. The game is not all about you and your pride, its about building and maintaining a program that will produce men who will productive in society on and off the field.