Miami Football: What Effect Will Declaring 12 Players Ineligible Have in 2011?

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 25, 2011

All of the 12 current Miami Hurricanes players that were named in the Yahoo report are expected to named ineligible by the university soon, according to several reports.

This is in hopes that the NCAA will rule on the players reinstatement before the season opener Sept. 5 at Maryland. Rather than play the players anyway and possibly face harsher penalties if the NCAA finds that they violated their rules.

It's a precautionary step.

We've all seen what happened at USC with Reggie Bush and Terrell Pryor at Ohio State.

So, if in fact the Hurricanes do bench the 12 players named, how will this affect their season?

Quarterback Jacory Harris would be benched for Stephen Morris, which may actually not be a bad thing. Harris loves to force passes and throw costly interceptions. A change at the quarterback position may not be a bad thing, but the lack of experience may be.

Losing wide receiver Travis Benjamin would be a huge loss to this offense. Benjamin has a knack for the big play as he averages 17 yards per catch and is a solid weapon as a return man.

But where the Hurricanes will hurt the most is on the defensive side of the ball as six starters were named in the report. That includes Marcus Fortson, Ray-Ray Armstrong, Vaughn Telemague, Adewale Ojomo, Sean Spence and JoJo Nicolas.

This was a defense that ranked third in the conference last season and had the pieces in place to be one of the top defenses in the ACC again this year. They only gave up 20 points per game which was good for 27th in the country. Take away six starters and all of that goes down the drain.

This is not way the university of Miami does things, though.

They don't follow in other teams' footsteps, they create the path that other teams follow. The other teams want to be like Miami. They're "The U." They built their entire football program on breaking the rules and doing things the way they want to do them.

But maybe this is why they're in this situation right now.

It may be time for a change and this is the smartest thing the university has done in a while.