B/R CvC 2.0: And Your Wrestling Section Winner Is...

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIAugust 24, 2011

Hey guys, Joe Burgett here!

As you well know by now, the CvC 2.0 Tournament has come and gone, and now we need to know a winner!

But before I do that, I would like to send a thanks to all involved in the competition.

Those who helped out, like Jacob Waring and Ross Rutherford, were wonderful helps while I was gone. Without them, the competition would've died off and that would've sucked, eh?

So, the No. 1 thing to do is to thank both of them.

Tweet them and thank them for all they did for the CvC 2.0 Tournament.

To everyone else, I have to say this competition did really well, and we had some A-class articles. I've heard there was a rise in membership for the wrestling section, could it be due to the awesome articles from the section? Hmm...I wonder.

Now, because everyone did such a terrific job, I wanted to hand out some awards. We all know there is going to be a winner of the whole competition, but we had some great articles and writers.

So, here are the awards:

Breakout Writer: Eric Kanes

Before the competition started, Kanes was a relative unknown in the wrestling section. Since then, he shocked the world and was able to pull off some articles that could be seen as some of the best B/R has ever had.

He has a fan in me, for sure!

The Underdog Award: Sir Ben Gartland

If there was ever a writer who came in to the competition as an underdog and ended up doing better than anyone ever thought, it would be young Benjamin.

My bro here was never seen as a massive threat to win it all coming in, but ask some top writers who fell to him how good he is, and they'll tell you Sir Ben is now on a rise that could be seen as Miz-like.

Most Technical: Rize

I think most people saw this one coming in; we all knew Rize had the ability to show up and win it all.

Although there were so many awesome writers who could rival him for this award, in the end, it was all Rize!

Best Matchup: Buzz/Ross

Okay, how about we get two monster heavyweights who are seen as two of the top writers in the entire section and throw them together for a matchup?

Well, this was done in the CvC 2.0.

Ross was just coming off a long absence from the website and just getting his writing ring rust off. Many knew Buzz would bring it, but some had no idea what Ross could bring to the table.

Turns out, Ross brought a ton, and this matchup was seen as one of the best CvC's in recent memory.

Funny part of it was, this one happened early.

Most Entertaining: Buzz

We all know Buzz brings it in every article he presents, but how well would he do in the big CvC 2.0 Tourney?

Buzz showed up and gave us awesome articles. While he was eliminated, many would say he brought out some very entertaining articles, even with hard topics.

Best Overall Article: Write-in

Let's face it, it would be impossible to agree on who had the best article in the entire competition.

Some would say Chinmay had it, some would say Rize, Buzz, Eric, Ross, Robert, Tom, etc. No one will agree.

But because we all have an opinion, I want you to come up with this award.

Now, to the biggy. The award you all want to see, the winner of the CvC 2.0 Tournament.

The winner, and the 2011 B/R wrestling section's No. 1 writer is...... 


Chinmay crafted some amazing articles, and before this competition, some believed he was the very best we had to offer.

Everyone was on their A-game, and Chiny was no different. He wanted to be sure that when he came in he was never going to be overconfident, but he was going to believe in himself.

He knew that when all was said and done, he would be the one with his proverbial hand raised. All he had to do to accomplish this was beat every opponent one-by-one each and every week.

He did it, and now he has won the 2011 CvC 2.0, which was set to crown the best writer of this calendar year.

To congratulate him, Tweet him.


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