The Top Ten Players in College Basketball

Robert VernonCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2008

1. Michael Beasley, freshman, Kansas State

Beasley came into the season as one of the two big name freshmen—the other being O.J. Mayo—and has definitely lived up to all the hype.

Beasley is currently averaging 25.3 points a game, fourth overall, first in the Big 12, and the only top five scorer from a major conference (the other scorers are from The Big South, The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, the Ohio Valley Conference, and last but not least the Southern Conference).

He is also leading the nation in rebounds with13.9 and is a guarantee as a lottery pick if he decides to go pro.


2. Tyler Hansbrough, junior, North Carolina

Hansbrough has led the Tarheels to a 19-1 record. He is currently leading the ACC in scoring averaging a little over 22 points, and is shooting over 55 percent from the floor and over 82 percent from the line—not bad for a guy who stands over 6'8”.

What I believe to be the biggest stat is the fact that he scored 23 points against UNC Asheville including a highlight of the year dunk over 7'8” center Kenny George.


3. Eric Gordan, freshman, Indiana

Gordan is another talented freshman and many have dubbed him the best point guard in the nation. He is leading the Big 10 in scoring averaging a solid 21.7 points a game to go along with a three assists a game.

Indiana has won 12 out of their last 13 games including a tough loss in their last game to UConn. I have a feeling however as Gordon matures, and the team grows as a whole they will be just fine come tournament time.


4. O.J. Mayo, freshman, USC

O.J. Mayo came into this season, like Beasley, as a big name freshman. While it took him a little longer to step into the spot light, he is now really coming into his own.  

Mayo is coming off probably his greatest game at USC as he scored 25 points and sang more three's (five) then he has had in any other game this season and if that wasn’t good enough he also had eight rebounds. He is averaging 20 points a game and five rebounds to go along with a little over three assists.

Mayo will be a lottery pick come draft time if he decides to go pro and he'll probably be able to lead his time to at least a sweet sixteen birth if they get the right match-ups.

5. D.J. Augustin, sophomore, Texas 

Augustin is the leader in assits for the Big 12 conference. Which is a pretty big accomplishment seeing how the Big 12 is represented well in top 25(currently with 5 teams.) Augustin is also averaging 20 points a game in conference play. He has propelled his team to a 16-4 overall record including impressive wins over Tennessee and in Califorina against UCLA .

6. Chris Douglas-Roberts, junior, Memphis 

Roberts has been a leader over the last two years in Memphis. Averaging a team high 17.5 points per game and 5 rebounds. He has palyed a part is the 20 game winning streak his team is currently on and with Derek Rose(you'll be seeing him on the list a little farther down) on the court with him I believe that the Tigers will win out and without a doubt win the C-USA conference, and most likely a 1 seed come tournament time.

7. Sean Singletary, senior, Virginia

Singletary is probably one of the most underrated point guards in the college basketball, most likely do to the fact that he plays for a less then amazing Virginia team who are 11-8. Singletary leads the ACC in assists and is the only player from a major conference averaging over 6.5 assists and over 15 points a game(18.3.)

Without Singletary at point guard Virginia would without a doubt be under .500 and in the cdellar of the ACC.

8. Derek Rose, freshman, Memphis

Derek is the second leading scorer(14.1 points a game) for the nations number 1 team. While not coming into this season with the amount of hype of Beasley or Mayo, but as the Tigers continue to win and Dominate the polls. I have a feeling this is a name that we will be hearing more and more. Now he is only averaging around 5 assists and rebounds a game. He is playing on the nations top team and surronded by good players he doesnt have to put up Beasley type numbers.

9. Roy Hibbert, senior, Georgetown

Hibbert is a strong player averaging 13 points and 7 rebounds a year for a very good Georgetown team. However if I was making this list a year ago I would be talking about how Hibbert was going to be a lottery pick and how he was a top 5 player in the country. This isnt the case this year he is a strong player but not a top 5 player right now and come draft time, I believe that he will be a late first rounder, but he isn't getting the press that would of sky rocketed him to a lottery pick last season.

10. Bill Walker, freshman, Kansas State

Now some of you might see this and think the only reason that Walker is on this list, However that is completey wrong. Walker hasn't gotten any press this season seeing how he is playing next to Beasley. Walker was getting all the hype a year ago until he went out with a season ending injury. Walker is averaging an impressive 16 points a game and 7 rebounds a game. Walker had come up big in big games putting up an impressive average of 20 points against rated Big 12 teams(AandM and Kansas.)


That’s what I think feel—free to tell me what you think.