An Open Letter to the Chicago Blackhawks

Tony HagenContributor IJanuary 31, 2008

Dear Mr. Wirtz and head coach Savard:

As a fan of the NHL and of the Original Six, I must say that that I watched the Chicago Blackhawks’ game last night against Colorado and thought for once the team was going to start a break with a ton of energy. 

But man was I wrong. 

I know your team has a lot of injuries and that caused you to add much younger and inexperience players to your roster, and that it’s hard to get lines to gel and work like a well oiled machines, but I have to say that “veteran” forwards Robert Lang and Martin Havlat have sucked the life out of the young guys playing.

If you pull the game film from last night you will see Lang standing around, skating like a grandfather, and working the puck like a no-armed man.  I mean come on… 

If you’re looking for someone with energy give me a call, I play better than Lang and I am 46-years-old. 

Lang appears to be sucking the life out of your younger players and he is becoming a serious liability to the betterment of the team.

The same could be said with Havlat. 

Now, I know that no one is perfect, no one has great days 100 percent of the time, I am sure these two are not showing any interest in playing hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks, but frankly I am getting tired of making excuses for these two. 

Your younger players are going to learn their game from the older guys around them but Havlat and Lang seem to be kids on the corner smoking and trying to drag other kids into their lifestyle. 

It’s a pity they have lost their passion and desire for hockey because at one time these two athletes were top notch players any team would love to have.  Lang and Havlat appeared during the game to skate away from the puck, not attack the guy with the puck, and just skated merrily along like two teenage lovers taking a stroll along the beach. 

Maybe it’s time to do something.  I guess getting someone else to grab their salaries is going to be like trying to persuade the North Koreans into giving up the nuclear ambitions. 

I really can’t blame them as everyone outside Chicago can see the truth, well maybe that’s a little harsh, maybe a little cruel, but Chicago beats Detroit four of five times this season. 

Yep, Lang and the young guns, now it’s just a paycheck for them and between you guys and me, I will bet neither are Blackhawks when their contracts come up.