NFL Trade Rumors: Trading Tim Tebow Would Be the Dumbest Move in Broncos History

Jason Muckley@@jamuckleySenior Analyst IIAugust 24, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: Trading Tim Tebow Would Be the Dumbest Move in Broncos History

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    Tim Tebow trade talk is old news. Before the end of last season, NBC Sports had circulated rumors that the Broncos might be interested in trading Tebow after newly named head of football operations, John Elway carelessly called Tebow a bad quarterback.

    Within hours, Elway had reversed his story, lauding Tebow as "a very good football player, and if anyone can turn themselves into a great quarterback, Tim can."

    The Tebowmania that has spread like wild fire around the league puts the Broncos in a precarious situation with their popular first-round draft pick.

    The Broncos will not trade Tebow this season, and it could be several seasons before a trade would even be dreamed about...and all of the reasons are not football related.

1. Tebow's Cult Following

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    Tebow fans are everywhere!

    In his rookie season, Tim Tebow jerseys were selling like hot cakes! Before he ever stepped on an NFL field, Tebow jerseys were the no. 1 selling jersey of all active NFL players, not just rookies.

    He has arguably the largest following of any NFL player in the last 10 years (maybe in NFL history).

    If the Broncos traded Tebow, his huge fan base would leave Denver high and dry. The record fan attendance at Dove Valley this offseason didn't come to see the quarterback controversy play out, they came just for Tim.

    Tebow is worshiped like a god and to trade him would be blasphemy!

2. Tebow Is a Money-Printing Machine

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    If the NFL lockout proved anything this offseason, it was that NFL team owners are some of the greediest, money-hungry tycoons ever. They locked out their players because the billions of dollars they were earning wasn't enough, and they needed to "adjust things" so that their slice of the pie would be even greater.

    Out of all those jerseys that Tim Tebow sells, the Broncos earn a portion of that money just because he is on their team.

    Tebow also puts butts in the seats. Ticket sales are down since last season because of the ugly lockout throughout the NFL. For a 4-12 Broncos team, Pat Bowlen and co. needs marketable guys that will get people off their couch to see the Broncos play at Mile High.

    The excitement and energy Tebow brings on Sunday is something fans want to see and to trade away that raw passion is ludicrous.

    Remember John Elway backpedaling after dissing Tebow, saying, "I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good NFL quarterback at this time."

    After a talking to from the man signing the checks, Elway's story changed too: 

    "To clarify my thoughts on Tim Tebow … I think he’s a very good football player, and if anyone can turn themselves into a great quarterback, Tim can. Myself and our entire organization think very highly of him. We are pleased with his first year as a Bronco. Any speculation that the Denver Broncos are considering moving Tim is completely false."

    Translation: "Our entire organization, including Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis, loves all of the cash he is streaming into their bank accounts. There is no way we would ever think of trading away our cash cow."

3. Tebow Is the Most Polarizing Figure in Professional Sports

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    Tim Tebow has been caught up in a media circus ever since he was drafted as a no. 1 draft pick in 2010 (maybe even since his freshman year at the University of Florida).

    There isn't any other sports figure in the world that receives as much press as Tebow does.

    The thing about Tebow is that you either love him, or you hate him.

    Every day this offseason, Bleacher Report has four or five main featured stories that revolve around Tim Tebow, and they are averaging thousands of reads!

    But guess what, the articles are either hate mail about how awful Tebow is, how appalling it is that he is even in the NFL, how jealous the writer is about Tebow's success, and on and on. Or on the other side of the spectrum, they are about how Tebow must start right now or about how the Broncos have no other option but Tebow and that he is their savior.

    If the Broncos were to trade Tebow, not only would they lose millions of fans, but those fans would be so angry that they would make the Broncos the most vilified team of all-time.

4. Tebow Is the Face of the Broncos Franchise

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    Like it or not Broncos fans, Tim Tebow is the face of the franchise. Gone are the days of John Elway. He may still be in the front office making personnel recommendations, but his time has passed.

    Broncos' faithful have been yearning for the days of the next great quarterback for the Broncos. And whether they have realized it or not, for better or worse, Tebow is the future in Denver.

    The coaches trying to win and keep their jobs have to work with Tebow. If I was head coach John Fox, I would be careful about what I said about Tebow and what the future holds. Kyle Orton might be starting at quarterback this season, but will likely be in a new home in 2012. Is Brady Quinn going to be the backup? It's a good thing for Fox that he doesn't have to name one this season.

    The problem with the media hype about Tebow is that his following and the mob mentality surrounding him carries a ton of weight. How did Tebow start three games last season and almost steal the starting QB position away from Orton? The fans had spoken.

    If Fox can't get the Broncos winning without Tebow on the field, the fans will call for Tebow to start, or they will want Fox's head on a silver platter.

    Even sitting Tebow behind Quinn would be a risky decision. If the fans don't see much of Tebow, like during his absence from the second preseason game against Buffalo, the unruly mob will flare up wanting to see more of him, or they will protest by booing or not coming to games. 

    The unrest isn't there yet, but you just watch.

5. Tebow Would Die a Martyr's Death

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    If Tebow was cut/traded by the Broncos, in some ways it would appear as the Tebow myth had died.

    His huge crowds would be completely distraught at his misfortune, and his "death" would be a rallying cry for his followers. 

    His Conservative Christian fans would decry religious persecution by the Broncos.

    Tebow's faithful would stay away from Mile High in protest by actually going to church on Sundays. 

    It would be a PR nightmare!

Tebow Is Here to Stay

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    That's right; Tim Tebow is here to stay. At least until Tebow goes out and his poor play demonstrates to his swaths of fans that he is not a no. 1 NFL quarterback.

    Even that might not help assuage the backlash the Broncos will endure if they ever trade away Tebow.

    Right now the time is not good to move Tebow, and those who foolishly believe the Broncos would be wise to trade Tebow are either hopelessly ignorant regarding the situation or completely stupid.

    Tebow trade talk is indeed old news, so why don't you move on. 

Writer's Note

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    As for my view on Tim Tebow: As a Broncos fan for many years, I like him. I think he has some great potential and needs a lot of work. I think the Broncos put themselves in a bad situation after drafting him last season, and they will now have to deal with the consequences of their pick.

    The Broncos would do well to embrace Tebow and give him everything he needs to succeed in the NFL or some of what I have already written about will indeed come to pass.

    If the Broncos can't spend the time and effort waiting for become quarterback in this league then they should cut their losses with him when the public's opinion of him has waned.

    If Tebow left Denver, I would be disappointed but I would understand why unlike the majority of his obsessed fans. 

    If you were wondering, I am a Conservative Christian and if Tebow was traded, I would know it wouldn't be because of his religious beliefs.

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