Hey Alabama Fans..."This Ain't Your Daddy's Crimson Tide!"

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

The words are being yelled, written, and posted in every single corner of college football land by delusional Alabama fans:

"We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

"No. 13 is coming"

"Back on top of college football where we belong."

And my personal favorite, "Count them...we got 12 National Titles!" 

OK, first and foremost let's not count our chickens before they hatch, Alabama fans.  Of course we will acknowledge your team's season as being a surprise to everyone and I mean everyone.  But to be so smug and superior in your run to 10 wins and no loses does not automatically mean you have returned to prominence nor does it mean that you will win the National Championship or the SEC title for that matter.

Let's keep it real for once and look at the recent history of Alabama football and assume the majority of the loudmouth Alabama fans recite the dominant years of the Bear Bryant era as a rebuttal to anything when they or their precious program is questioned! 

Let us consider 1982 the end of the so called Bear Bryant era in which Alabama has dropped 16 games to their in-state rival alone, and had only one team worthy of mention and a National Title in 1992.  Basically the University of Alabama has been mediocre at best and an also ran in their own state.  With today's fans living off the memory of Daddy and Grandpa Jed's Crimson Tide and thus making their gripes and declarations even much more comical in present day discussions.

Either way Alabama fans, recognize that your once dominating and proud football program of of the 60's and 70's has turned into the second tier football program in your very own state.  Consider it an education in current History instead of a re-education in ancient history!   

And although Auburn is having a rough season, overlooking them and failing to understand that the Tide does NOT have one player on the team that knows how to beat Auburn is a grave mistake, thus proving the grave ignorance of your so called rise to the top.