NBA All-Time Player-Rapper Team

Aaron LinkemyerContributor INovember 14, 2008

I read Diana Allen's article on "NBA All-Time" teams and I decided to write one: The All-Time Best Player-Rapper team.

Although there is only a small amount of NBA players that have tried to hop into the studio and become the next Tupac or Will Smith (depending on their moral value). There are five that stand out to me as making the best all-time team.


None other than Shaquille O'Neal.

His first album in 1993 was produced by Erik Sermon, which is impressive. Songs included: "I Know I Got Skills," "Shoot, Pass, and Slam," and "I'm Outstanding," which has a hilarious music video.

In the video, Shaq is walking on a treadmill with a green screen behind him, which makes it appear like he is walking through projects.

Don't forget his freestyle rap earlier this year that disrespected Kobe Bryant. 

Shaq quotable from "I'm Outstanding,"

Remember the day, when you asked me who I wanna be, like I said Dr. J/ you said good, now you gotta go, take the damn ball and slam it to the hole.


Chris Webber and Ron Artest.

Webber's debut album was released in 1999. He rapped under his nickname, C. Webb. The name of his first album was "Too Much Drama" and I think you can only buy the version that has been edited for it's lyrical content.

C. Webb had a great upbringing, but turned sour toward the end of his career. He was the front man for DaDa Apparel. He was busted with marijuana. Let's not forget the rape allegations. 

Mad props, C. Webb.

Ron Artest proved to the NBA that he was from the streets when things got "mad outta control" against Detroit in 2004, and he had to regulate the street cred of a fan.

Shortly after, Ron took a year off from basketball and made his album "My World." It's funny: the album cover shows Artest with boxing tape on his hands.

Artest raps:

I'm prepared to let it air out/ and if I have to stomp on people on the route/ yes, I'll do that.

Halftime, go to the liquor store for a half pint/ my dude got half his life taken with a black knife

Starting Guards

Of course, Allen Iverson and Tony Parker.

Controversy has surrounded Allen Iverson his entire career. He attempted to release an album that apparently had a lot of foul content in it. So much foul content that NBA commissioner David Stern prohibited it's debut under Iverson's rap name, Jewelz.

Iverson has also been arrested for possessing illegal firearms and marijuana, as well as, urinating in public.

Tony Parker would be my other starting guard.

I haven't heard anything from his self-titled album, but I know that most of it is in French. So until we hear the translation, we can only speculate that it is horrible.

I have to thank him for making an album, because Moochie Norris would have his position right now.

Kobe Bryant would also be a good pick, but I couldn't find anything he did.



This all-time team was also selected for the athletes' abilities at the best time of their careers, seeing as some of them were not doing great when they produced their albums. It just goes to show you that people like Artest, Webber, and Iverson should have just concentrated on their game and not try to be a thug.

In hopes you don't find this article wack/ I devoted a little rhyme that might take you back/ When athletes were athletes, and not rappers/ And we didn't have to listen to ridiculous "flows" out of their yappers/ I give athletes one bit of advice, something to do for me/ If you make it on the court, stay away from the streets.