Young & Arrogrant: Are the Young Bucks Burying Their Careers?!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 23, 2011

Young & arrogant are two words to describe the Yong Bucks’ aka Generation Me.

That is if the reports of the two showing a lack of respect to fellow veterans are true.

The following was reported by (via The Miami Herald)

The Young Bucks, formerly known as Generation Me in TNA Wrestling, have responded to Rob Van Dam’s dismissive comments towards them in an interview last week with the Miami Herald.

With more than 20 years of success in the wrestling industry, one would think the young upstarts of today would line up to seek the master of the Five-Star Frog Splash for advice or feedback. RVD said in the interview that’s not the case.

“I feel like I get respect, but not in that way,” Van Dam said. “I’m open to it. Most of the guys, I don’t know if they don’t feel welcome to ask me or any of the other veterans or what. That is probably an issue that we have is the young guys should ask some of the older guys. They should be saying, ‘Hey, watch my match. Let me know what I can improve on.’

“That never happens enough. Some of the young guys who are or were there, I don’t want to mention any names. There were two young guys who just left and looked like they were out of high school. The whole time they were there, they never introduced themselves or shook my hand. Things are way different than they used to be.”

Matt Jackson (a/k/a Max Buck) has since responded to Van Dam via Twitter: “I never introduced myself to (Rob Van Dam)? Then who was that guy who wore jean shorts & Golds Gym tank-tops, that I met & always said hi to?

“I’m a 26 yr old, married man w/a child on the way & have been wrestling 8 yrs around the world. I’m not a kid but thx for the compliment!”

Brother Nick (a/k/a Jeremy Buck) added, “Apparently we’re young guys straight out of high school who don’t respect veterans. Well that’s what RVD says at least. Unreal!”

He then said in response to a fan, “We said hello to him many times. We always showed him respect. If anything he didn’t show us or the boys respect because he’s always changed in his own locker room.”

Matt made light of the situation in his Twitter bio, which now reads: “Alleged ‘big-leaguer’ of RVD, one half of The Young Bucks (TNA’s Generation Me).”

Rob Van Dam was not the only one to share his thoughts on the Young Bucks’, as Booker T shared the same opinion; after the Young Buck’s release was granted from TNA Impact Wrestling, the tag team duo decided to attempt to join the WWE.

The two may have already made enemies if they are signed to the WWE.

Following was reported by

- Earlier this week, we reported that the Young Bucks tag team (formerly Generation Me in TNA) received a WWE tryout prior to Monday’s RAW from San Diego, California.  WWE announcer Booker T spoke about the Bucks’ tryout on Twitter – and made reference to a recent Rob Van Dam interview where RVD called out the Bucks for being cold to him backstage in TNA and not even shaking his hand.

Booker said that at Monday’s tapings, the Young Bucks did not introduce themselves to him when they walked by him backstage. Booker T said later in the day, one of the Young Backs was leaning on his jacket yet still never introduced himself to Booker.

The Young Bucks are a talented team with a ton of potential, but they will never get too far in the business by offending the legends in the locker rooms.


This does not look good for the Young Bucks’.

The last thing you want to do is leave a bad impression on a veteran talent like Booker T.

Word spreads fast and this could lead to the WWE possibly not wanting to work with the tag team duo.

If the two do truly think they are above everyone already without proving really anything than their sadly mistaken.

As of right now the two are seen as a “generic” version of the Hardy Boys and that’s not saying much.

These two need to get their acts together before their careers are shut down before it truly started.

This does not apply only to these two but to all up and coming talent.

If you think about it maybe this is a key factor to why some talents are not pushed.  Maybe the whole attitude aspect is the reason that certain talent is looked down upon.

Veterans are dubbed veterans because they paved the way for young talent.

If the Young Bucks are truly that disrespectful than that is sad.  This is just a thought as of now, as I personally do not know the back story.

Let’s just hope these two get things together before they end up like another tag team.