Scott Baio Seriously Threatend on Golf Course!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 23, 2011

Scott Baio was seriously threatened this week at a golf course?

Or not!

TNA Impact Wrestling is back at it again, with their goofy but sometimes funny antics involving Eric Young.

Eric Young has been on a hot pursuit to find TV stars, as he recently made a trip to Hollywood.

After capturing the TNA Television title, Young announced that the title can only be defended against television stars.

Yong would then attempt to have Matt Morgan challenge for his TV title, as Morgan was part of the American Gladiator cast, which makes him a former “TV star”.

After Morgan had declined (as he was too busy with the Bound for Glory series) the opportunity to challenge for the TV title, Eric Young set his sights on another former television star.

Next up Eric Young would successfully defend his title against former Wonder Years star Jason Hervey, who is now a producer for Impact Wrestling.

Young had attacked and pinned Hervey to retain his TV title, as Young would interrupt a interview being held by Jason Hervey on Impact Wrestling.

This was not enough for the “great” TNA TV champion as he would look to continue his hot streak against TV stars.

So Young decided to take a trip to Hollywood to go toe to toe with Scott Baio.

Yeah Scott Baio!

Following was reported by

Scott Baio got into a verbal altercation at a golf course in Los Angeles this week -- but don't worry, Chachi wasn't in any real danger ... cause the whole thing was staged.  

TMZ obtained photos taken this week, showing Baio getting into it with TNA wrestler Eric Young -- and we're told the whole thing was shot for a comedy segment that will air on Impact Wrestling this Thursday on Spike TV.”


Whether or not you like this story-line or not, if you’re a Eric Young fan you have to be happy that he is on TV…right?

Stay tuned to see what Eric Young will do on Impact Wrestling next!

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